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My Vinyl Challenge Project - Shadow Box Calendar

Use my 22 Valentine's Quotes PDF to create 22 Valentines Cards!

Use your Gypsy, take an image with layers, add some markers and create a cute project!

I try both products in this video

I will show you how to create your own YourStory book cover

Putting together my first YourStory book project

What comes in the YourStory bundle from CricutMachine.com

My Pink Stamper Challenge - SUPER YUMMY - I made a SUPER YUMMY Recipe Book for SUPER YUMMY recipes :)

I will show you how I store my Cricut Supplies

Using the Sharpie Housing from Custom Crops

Using the Embossing Housing from Custom Crops

I will show you how to emboss using your Cricut BLADE!!

How to erase areas in an image to customize a cut with the Gypsy

How to copy an image to another layer on your Gypsy

Use your flip button on your gypsy to make a card

Learn how to group, un-group, use kerning, rotate and tilt images with your Gypsy

Gypsy in more details...

Going over everything in the Gypsy quickly...

Having issues loading George and Basic Shapes? Here is a trick

How to link cartridges to your Gypsy

I walk through the registration and update process for the Gypsy

Opening my Gypsy and Setting Up

How to update your Cricut Firmware to use Software or your Gypsy

Make your own birth announcements, thank you cards, and more

Use StoryBook Creator to make your own Christmas, Holiday or Birth Announcements

Using Adobe Photoshop and StoryBook Creator to change the color of Digital Embellishments and other Elements

Using Adobe Photoshop

Personalize your Cricut Machine or other Crafting tools

Use your Cricut to Cut Vinyl Pojects

Cricut Expression Options

Cricut Expression Options

Cricut Expression Options

Cricut Expression Options

Cricut Expression Options with Deep Cut Blade

Cricut Expression Options

Cricut Expression Options

Cricut Expression Options

Cricut Expression Options

Cricut Expression Options

Cricut Expression Options

Cricut Cartridge Keypad Options

All one button can do with your Cricut Cartridge

Cricut Expression

What comes in a Cartridge Box and Understand the Guide Book

My Favorite Paper Crafting Tools I use

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Hi, I'm Cassie. I am a mommy to four beautiful children and a wife to an amazing man. We live in a beautiful small village in Southern Alberta, Canada. We recently moved from our first dream home to our home town in Tilley with dreams to one day build our dream home outside in the country! When I am not busy with my kids, house work and all my other daily tasks I indulge myself in my hobbies.

I call myself a "hyper-hobby" mommy. I love sewing, quilting, painting, paper crafting, designing, knitting, crocheting, baking and cake decorating, graphic design, photography, and so much more. If I see it and think it looks cool or fun I try it. My sister and I recently started a jewelry business which I am in love with! It is my newest hobby! Check it out at www.silveremblem.ca

So, welcome to my blog! You will find tutorials, videos, inspiration, projects, recipes, and much more! Enjoy browsing and may you have a blessed day!!