Travel Treats

Okay, I admit, I have totally gone overboard with planning and over planning and basically blowing this vacation our of the water for our kids.... they are going to expect every vacation to be like this, but it wont... BUT it is our very first vacation as a family so I am making it special and over planning partially because the 22 hours there and 22 hours home scare me with 4 kids 6 years old and under... but I am excited myself and want it to be a wonderful memory for our kids! This is my first vacation I have ever planned. Our last vacation my amazing Brother in Law did all the planning! He knows his stuff, so literally the Mr and I sat back and enjoyed the ride. It was amazing...

So I have read so many blogs and pinterest posts advising treats along the way to make the trip more exciting for the kids, well I have been collecting for weeks, probably too much but I am done collecting so here are our road trip goodies along the way.. rewards for good behavior, goodies to keep them occupied and little surprises along the way... Yes these are in addition to their daily treat bags (click here to see) I have planned... I have totally gone over board and I blame pinterest and all the moms out there who inspired me to want to do every idea I saw! Ha!
 I used the cricut again and personalized these bins, These are for collecting all their goodies along the way, they wont be given their goodies in these bins but rather than them ending up all over the car they will have these.

 There are some activities and goodies in each,... this is the idea of what is in each...
each bin has the following

  • Magnet doodle pad (dollar store) these are part of their Day 1 Surprise Bags
  • Pipe Cleaners for creating something when board
  • Stretchy Bunnies from the Easter favor isle at Walmart
  • Pipe Cleaners and beads to make bracelets
  • Rice filled balloon, We used to make these as kids, rice in a ziplock double wrap with 2 balloons one going one way and the other completely covering the opening from the inside balloon, makes a fun sensory ball
  • Easter egg chocolate with smarties
  • sunglasses
  • post-ed notes
  • 2 mini lego figures (hopefully used at Legoland for mini figure trading)
  • my little pony toy (boys have mini Thomas toys)

Here is a glance at Mr Rylan`s loot...

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Family Vacation Water Bottles...

I purchased a pack of 5 water bottles at Winners for $15. Here is how I personalized them for my family. Again Miss Brielle will be left out as she only drinks from a bottle or sippy cup. I plan on getting her a special cup for the trip... 

 They are already super cute and colored which would be easy to designate to each member of the family but... I want to make them even more personal
 Grabbed the cricut expression 2 and my vinyl... super easy craft

 Ta Da!!! There ya have it! Thanks Cricut for making this easy!

More road trip activities...

If you have been following I am preparing for our long road trip from Southern Alberta, Canada to Anaheim California for our first ever family vacation, to Disney parks and Legoland...
I have nearly finalized all I plan for the road trip activities for our trip. I have already created their road trip binders (click link to view details) I have packed a tiny green bin of activities for the boys that includes books, work books, look and find books etc and a tiny green bin of activities for my oldest that will sit in the middle between car seats in each row. 
Both bins pictured here
I added some Discovery Toys games I have and another from Scholastic Book orders

 My daughters activity bin (including her Travel Binder)
There is a great selection of here from search and find books, work books, activity books, reading books, flash cards, wonder stick, Discovery Toy math keys, but my favorite are the Usborne wipe clean books and doode tin cards. great for on the go!
My Boys` activity bin (including their Travel Binders)
I have packed search and find books, reading books, activity books, wonder sticks and their travel binders...

More to come, I am working on the final activities for our trip! Will post soon!

Trip Journal/Planer

Hello! I made a little video preview of my travel journal in progress... I still have a few more things I plan to add but here it is, we are only a month away from our vacation! I can not wait!!

Thanks for watching

stay tuned for more vacation posts!

Family Vacation Surprise Bags

Southern California Family Vacation - Disneyland, Legoland.... 
Surprise Bags for each day...

I have read countless blogs and websites that say a way to save money at Disney is to pack your own souvenirs. Well I thought since we have 2 days of driving there, 2 days of driving back and 6 days to enjoy in Anaheim and surrounding area, I would pack a little goody bag for every day the kids will get every morning. Poor Brielle will get a few things mommy packs in the diaper bag for her, but just the older 3 get the surprise bags.  
 Here are all the bags lined up..
 Day 1 is a travel day, we will be hopefully making a 17 hour travel day a breeze with lots packed and planned for the drive. In this bunch each kid gets a magnet doodle board, flash light with interchangeable tops to shine different designs (to be used through the vacation) fruit snacks, hard candy, stickers, tattoos and more... the kids will also be getting their travel binders on day 1 too

 Day 2 is a travel day as well! We will be traveling from Utah to our hotel in Anaheim, hopefully hitting up the pool once we arrive. Packed in this group is a note book and pen for each, a toy, some tattoos and stickers, sticker activites and a few little toys and snacks
 Day 3 is our first day at Disney!! We will be enjoying some night shows like World of Color, Fireworks etc. This bag is packed with glow sticks and flashing light toys and birthday favor activities from the dollar store, some snacks and treats and Disney airplanes for the boys and an Frozen theme toy for Miss Adalie. Each child also gets a dollar store dollar activity pack with stickers, crayons and coloring book for each day we are at Disney. These activities hopefully will hold the kids over on long lines and while dining...
 Day 4 we are spending at Disneyland and California Adventure too! We also will be enjoying some more night shows therefore there are some more glow sticks. Each kid also gets a Disney Pez machine, Disney activity packs with crayons, stickers and coloring book, snacks and little Disney themed souvenirs too..
 Day 5 we are heading to Legoland, we split the disney vacation with a day at legoland, why half way though? because this is one of the only days you can meet Emmett and Wyldstyle. This pack includes tons of little favor toys, some glow stick games, activity pad, cookies and snacks and each kid will also get a mini figure when we arrive to trade during their minifigure trading with staff at the Legoland park.
 Day 6 we are back at Disney. Each kid gets some snacks, an activity pack again, Disney themed suckers, stickers, tattoos... glow sticks, disney theme toy souvenir ... etc...
Day 7 we are spending our last Disney day at the parks, the kids got a loot again of stickers, activity pack, snacks, candy, bubbles, glow sticks, Disney themed souvenirs etc...
 Day 8 we plan on spending a day at the beach! We will be hitting up the beach and possibly some shopping. I would love to take Miss Adalie to American Girl if we have time. This pack has a few stickers and snacks. We will probably be grabbing some beach toys as they come available at the stores... a little early yet for those.
 Day 9 we are leaving our hotel in Anaheim and heading home. This pack includes snacks, magnetic travel activity, some Thomas mini trains for the boys and more...
 Day 10 we will be arriving at home, probably late in the evening... This pack has Thomas trains for the boys, some snacks and activities for Miss Adalie. They will be overloaded with goodies from the vacation the last two days they won't be getting as much in their bags.
Sorry for the quality of the photos and the background. I was hiding in my room late at night to get these done so the kids wouldn't see them! Looking forward to posting more as we prepare for our vacation! 

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