Episode 45 - LetsCricut.com Vinyl Challenge

Let's Cricut is having their first challenge. Now I can't really enter since I am on the Let's Cricut team but I wanted to inspire others out there to try something new and enter their project in the challenge gallery for a chance to win $15 gift certificate from Expressions Vinyl.

Here is my finished product :) I will upload this in the gallery under inspiration. It wont be an entry.

To enter your Vinyl Project CLICK HERE

All entries must be in by February 28th! Everyone is welcome!!

Valentines Day Project

I have been consumed with Let's Cricut lately I have neglected my blog a little! Here is my Valentines Day projects I put together this year. My daughter is 2 and is at the age where we are excited to give out Valentine's Day cards. Since I don't have many Valentine's themed stamp sets (since I did not have children when I started StampinUp and Adalie was a baby when I quit) I came up with an easy way to put quotes on my cards.

I created a PDF I am going to share with you of 22 Valentine's themed quotes. Simply print it out on card stock and use them for your Valentine's cards.
Download the PDF HERE

Here are the 22 cards I put together...

Here is a video featuring 5 of the 22 cards :)

Share your creations using the PDF quotes on www.letscricut.com!