Hexagon Quilt

Okay most annoying thing ever, I thought I had renewed my domain and it did not renew so I had to change it to hobbymommycreations.ca.... so annoyed!! Anyway.... on with my blog post

Here it is!!! 

Okay... Now to explain how this beauty came to be...

I know I have said this before but I am a Pinterest addict! I just love being inspired, and Pinterest is where I go to find most of my inspiration lately!
I came across this quilt over at Holly and Olive
Not only did the beautiful fabrics catch my eye but this awesome pattern!! So I read her blog and followed her plans.. She inspired me to try this unique quilt! It is different than anything I had done before and a great learning experience! I decided right away I would be making this quilt for myself... 

This is also checking off a few things on my 2013 Sewing Resolution which you can view on the side of my blog...

Here is how I made it...

Fabric needed: 
*1 Jelly Roll (40- 2 1/2" strips)
*1/2 Yard for small border
*1 yard for large border
*3 3/8" yard back
*1/2 yard binding

Tools needed:

This Quilt makes a 56 X 74 inch quilt!

I used Cuzco! I love this line! So different than anything I have but absolutely beautiful!(Prepare yourself for a photo overload!)
Okay! So here we go!
I took apart the jelly roll and started matching up fabrics in pairs
 Then started sewing them lengthwise together to make a double strip and chain pieced these through my machine to save time... You will end up with 20 strips now

 Then I took this awesome ruler! I so love this Creative Grids 60° Double Strip Ruler 
You can make 14 triangles from each strip, which is what I did but you only need 12 from each strip (6 of each to make 2 hexagons) You can use the remaining pieces for the odd triangles at the top and bottom to make the quilt straight on both ends. and to piece a strip for the back

Sew 2 groups of 3 triangles together to make two halves of the hexagon
 This is to avoid "Y" Seams...
Lay out quilt the way you would like. At this point I ripped one of each set of extra triangles I had apart, then I took the wider end and sewed it to the top and bottom of each row. I then trimmed these to make the top and bottom of the quilt straight across.
I then cut 6 strips @ 2 1/2" for the inner border and sewed them all together, then I measured and trimmed them to the correct lengths. 

Then I cut 6 strips @ 5 1/2" for the outer border and did the same process. 

 Once the quilt top was done I sandwiched the quilt together. I ALWAYS use 505 spray and baste my layers together because I am not good at pinning the quilt layers together
These are what I did with the remaining triangles :)
Then I started free motion quilting it all together

 I did a tight stipple on the inside
and a random squiggly line on the thin boarder and swirls on the outside border
Then bound it together
And there you have it!
I love the back! It is my first pieced backing, A great way to make the back equally as pretty and use up extra fabric. I barely had anything left for scraps with this quilt! It was great!!!

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial on how I created my hexagon quilt!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Bananas 4 U Valentine

I am a HUGE fan of Create a Critter Cricut cartridge, my other favorite being Simply Charmed... The images are just too cute! Then I heard from a friend, since I have not been using my Cricut much or keeping up with Cricut news... Create a Critter 2 was released! And now that I live 45 minutes from the closest Micheals she grabbed it for me :) I was thrilled to get it and see that it was for different occasions. 
I found some inspiration on Pinterest making valentines with the bananas that are in Runts. (the candy) but since I couldn't find just all yellow ones, my mom picked up some rainbow ones while she was at the local bulk store. 
I brought out the E2, since I have only used it a handful of times and I am sure I have had it a year now! Sad I know!! My daughter and I started cutting! She is such a good helper! She loves creating with the Cricut! her job is pushing all the buttons, or the icons on the screen for the E2. 
We used the Create a Critter 2 monkey, although the monkey from the first cartridge was my second choice and would be super cute! 
I used Accent Essentials for the white tab, and used my cuttlebug to emboss it to be all whimsical. 
Once we had everything cut it went pretty quick! 
It was fun! We can't wait to hand them out on Valentines Day! 

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Baby Shower Fun!

My mom and I had the pleasure of hosting my sister's Baby Shower. We did a Yellow and Grey theme. It was fun! 
This was the "Guest Book Table:
I cut these onesies out on my Cricut. They were to give advice to the new Mommy
The "Guest Book" Was the Disney UP house, Everyone's fingerprints were balloons on the print. It was a pinterest idea of course and fun! The Quote was from UP "I just met you, I love you - Dug"

At each table we had 3 pictures of baby Austin in frames and flowers in the center.
 I used my cricut to cut out these fun little labels for our shower favors
 Yellow inspired refreshments

 The goodies!
 There were tons of goodies! They all looked amazing!
 This was the close line behind the guest table for the Advice Onesies
 The church view from the entrance

The advice clothesline completed! It was super cute!!

Thanks to all who came! Everyone blessed Rachelle, Jeremy and Austin with so much! I think they are overwhelmed with the love and blessings!