Binky Clips anyone??

Well last year at the Christmas Fair in my home town I decided last minute to make some hair accessories, hair clips and headbands etc as well as some soother and toy clips. Well I purchased supplies and never used it so this year I decided (last minute again) to put that supplies I purchased to use and make some soother clips. Super easy and fun! I even made my own tags for them :) I ended up taking a bunch of fabric I had in my stock (which is forever growing ;) ) and purchased a little too. Here is what I came up with ...My "Binky Clips" with a cute photo and hobbymommy creations on the bottom...
All 50 clips completed...
My girl choices, all double sided, some with different coordinating fabric some matching fabrics...
My boy clips
Finished clip
Clip your "binky" "Paci" or "Soother" to the clip, clip to baby and no more cleaning dirt off of chucked soothers
I made them work for toys too! Clip a ring and a toy to the "Binky Clip" and clip to a blanky, carseat strap etc to keep from loosing or dirtying toys while out and about...
If you are interested in how to make these, there are TONS and TONS of tutorials online. I took a few and then created my own. I would be willing to throw a tutorial together in the future but there are some great ones out there!!

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Stay tuned for a few more projects that will be "last minute" projects before November 5th's Christmas Fair in Tilley.


My Amazing Hubby's Creations!

I sell Usborne books and have for over a year now. I signed up because of my love for children's books and my daughters as well.

I have done a few business shows and purchased a display shelf for some books. The gentleman who makes them for us Usborne ladies actually lives in the same city I do so I did not have to pay shipping and he made them within a week for me.

I did a larger business show, and with my growing inventory I had borrowed a couple of my upline's display shelves to help out with my display. This is the portion of my display where I used all three shelves
I have been looking for cheaper display ideas but have not found anything other than wire display shelves but I ran into the problem with shipping to Canada. In the end I asked my amazing husband if he would be willing to put some of his new toys, I mean tools to work and build me a few display shelves for me for the upcoming Christmas fair I am coordinating in my home town. In the picture below is two shelves, the front one is the one the gentleman built for me that I spent a good chunk of money on. The one behind is the one my hubby built (I asked him to build it a little wider)Didn't he do a great job!! I am so excited! I now have 2 more display shelves to add to my collection (3 in total) I am so thankful for his hard work on his days off to build me just what I needed! He has just enough to make a little bit smaller 3rd shelf but I decided to give him the rest of the day off :P
Once he builds the 3rd (well if he does) it will have saved us about $80 which may not seem like too much but it is a big deal to me! I am thankful for his willingness to help me make my display even better :)

Thank you to my wonderful husband who built my new display shelves! You are so wonderful!! and I am so blessed to have a husband who supports my addictions (crafting) and my businesses! Love you!!

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Finished Serger Projects, ready to sell :)

All finished my project. Hopefully they are a hit at the local Christmas fair. I am excited to use mine! I will be wearing mine at the fair and using it often once baby arrives!!

My first Serger project

Well I am only 6 weeks away from my due date and all is well! Baby and I are growing well (me more so than I had hoped) I only say that because I have heard your baby has an increased birth weight from the last baby... well my first was 6lbs 5.9oz, my second was 8lbs 11.2oz so I am hoping this one doesn't have that large of a jump in weight from my second.. because YIKES that would be big... Anyway life has slowed down a little itty bit since we have taken our house off the market until next year. Which gives me the ability to get my crafty stuff out and leave it out without having to put it away for showings! YAY!!!!

I have been addicted to pinterest lately and found some great nursing cover ideas, I am a proud owner of the "hooter hider" but loved the idea of my back being covered by some of these other ideas. I am all about covering up when it comes to nursing in public!!

Well I thought I would give making these a try. I purchased a serger yesterday from a friend's mom and am so happy I did! I got a great deal since it is a higher end machine, lightly used. I made myself clean up my house before I took it out and needless to say, house was cleaned by time I went to bed, and serger came out this morning. I played around with it, forced myself to thread it the "hard" way and then test drove it.

I LOVE this machine!! It is a Huskylock 905 by Husqvarna. It is awesome! I would recommend it to beginners and advanced sergers out there! It does more than a basic machine and is wonderful!
So another exciting thing, the design of cover I chose was made from a stretchy material. Lets face it, fabric in Canada, for some reason is not cheap. I started searching online and found some great fabrics for great prices at I placed my large order to make a whack load of these covers and the order was at my door 4 days later waiting for me to play :) That is AMAZINGLY fast shipping for something to come from the states to Canada! And prices, honestly could not compare to what I could purchase at my local fabric store.

So today, I put my son down for a nap, put some toys and a movie on for my daughter and started measuring myself and snipping fabric. I had a few adjustments I made but for the next ones this project should go smoothly. Here is my final project!!

I am going to be making these and selling them at the small community Christmas Fair I coordinate in my home town. I am excited to see what kind of a response I get. I know there are many variations out there but I definitely could see myself using this cover everyday! Not only for its many purposes but the great fashion accessory it is as well!!
Click the photo for larger view
If you are interested they will be fore sale for $25 for my regular covers and $30 for bamboo fabric covers.

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