2 more completed 1 to go

This weekend a dear teacher friend opened up the school for a small group of us to work on quilting or scrapbooking. I was able to finish a project I started back in high school... 7 or 8 years ago... Back when our local Walmart sold fabric... 

 The only part I had finished was the center of the quilt. I didn't follow a pattern, I just started slicing strips of fabric and making them all uneven and funky. Then I squared off the rows and this past weekend I finally added the border, free motion quilted it and finished machine sewing on the binding! 
 I did a blanket stitch on the binding :) LOVE!
 I cut out pieces of freezer paper in the shape of butterflies and free motioned around them... its fun!
View from the back of the quilt
This is the back of the quilt, I used the same fabric for the binding, boarder and back :)

Earlier this week I also finished one of my first quilts that wasn't a rag time quilt. Its the Turning Twenty pattern. Its all done in soft fabrics. I had fun doing this one about 5 years ago,... I just needed to stitch in the ditch a couple more rows and bind it and it was done. So I am not sure why I took so long to finish the quilt but it is now DONE!! YAY! That is 2 unfinished projects done and one left to go!!! YAY to checking off things for my Sew Resolution!!
This is almost a double quilt... its fairly large
 This is my bad job of stitching in the ditch... Again this was my first quilt that wasn't a rag time... I guess it is fun to see the progress practice makes...
This is a view from the back!

So I have a ragtime quilt I started about 6 or so years ago and I am excited that the ragtime quilt is my last unfinished quilt that I have in my stash, other than the new ones I just started this year! YAY!! 

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Paper Piecing!

I have been spending a lot of time online learning new techniques to quilting, new tricks, new patterns etc. I was looking at patterns one day and it called for paper piecing, well I had no clue what this was so onto YouTube I went and found some tutorials. Then I started searching Pinterest and found a fun free pattern for my first paper pieced project.
So I gathered some scraps that went well together and got started
 Then I printed the pattern (Can be found here
So after I printed the pattern I changed my stitch length to 1.8, this tight stitching helps perforate the paper more which makes it easier to rip off after
 I started by putting two fabrics, good sides together
 Then putting the paper back side to the back side of the fabric
 Then I held it up to the window to allow myself at least 1/4 inch seal between the shapes 1 & 2 
 Then I sewed along the line that boarders shape 1 & 2
 Like so
 Then I folded back the paper along that stitch line
 Like so
and trimmed it to 1/4 inch seam

Open up the paper again
 Set your seam and then press open

And this is what you will get
 Then grab your fabric for the 3rd piece
 Put good sides of fabric together
 Hold up to the light
 allow for at least 1/4 inch seam allowance
 and sew down line number 3
 Trim and repeat...
NOTE: you don't need to trim down your scraps before you sew them, because you constantly trim your seam to 1/4 inch it automatically cuts off the long scrappy ends of your fabric you don't need.

 Once you are all done you will end up with a finished heart. 

I stitched around the edge of my heart and then blanket stitched the heart onto a block. I probably didn't need to stitch around the heart but I wanted to have a guide line to cut. How cute would a quilt done with these be? So fun!!

I hope you enjoyed this little project! I can't wait to do more paper piecing!! 

My Mom's Birthday Treat!

Over Christmas I have been watching a ton of YouTube videos on quilting tricks, patterns, tutorials etc. I came across Missouri Quilt Company's YouTube page!! Seriously these ladies are awesome! Some amazing tricks and I just couldn't wait to try some. I went shopping with my husband and kids on New Years Eve and when my hubby and kids decided to have a nap in the car I took the opportunity to shop solo in the Quilt Store. I grabbed enough fabric for 2 finished quilts and 1 quilt top! Hello late Christmas gift ;) I purchased this fabric I used to make this fun quilt! I love it!
I fell in love with this easy, yet looks difficult quilt pattern X's & O's This lady makes this look too easy, so I decided to try it! I purchased Oasis by 3 Sisters for Moda! Super fun!

I downloaded the pattern at this link under the video!

Here is the finished Quilt!! I love the way it turned out!
My second free motion project! It gets easier as you do more of it, but still slightly nerve wracking! 
 I wrote out with a fabric safe pen Proverbs 31:10 25-30 and a little Birthday message!
We put our home on this old vacant lot and this fence is along our back yard. It wont be there come spring but it is fun to take pictures with.
 Another shot along another fence in our yard
 On the snow! I just love the stipple free motion pattern, it is easy, and when you wash the quilt it puckers up the fabric and the quilt looks vintage! It is amazing!!

I called my mom to come over and grab the quilt this morning. Adalie hid behind the couch and when she came in the door we said Surprise! Happy Birthday! She absolutely loved it and I am thrilled! (even may have teared up a little) I owe a lot to my mom, she is a very special person! She is who influenced my love for sewing, crafting, scrap booking, card making and quilting! She is a very crafty person as well and it is a fun common interest we share!  She is amazing, kind hearted and very loving! The best mom, an amazing grandma and a great friend! I love you mom! I hope you enjoy this x's and o's quilt. It will wrap you in love and plenty of hugs and kisses! xoxo
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Taking the leap into Free Motion Quilting

So I can't use the excuse I do not have a good free motion quilting machine to keep me from finishing my quilts that way. So I decided I would finish one of my old projects, and do some practice. (part of my "Sewing Resolution") Before I did some free motion on an actual project though I did some practice on some small sandwich square from scrap fabric. I layered cotton fabric, Warm and Natural batting and cotton fabric... to mimic a quilt. 
My practice squares. It helps to use a solid fabric that you can see your thread easily... 
So once I practiced I felt more confident and grabbed an unfinished project I had started over 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby. Once I found out we were having a girl, I never finished this quilt. My this year's sewing resolution is to finish all my unfinished projects... and so this worked out great!
Quilt Pre-bound. If you look close there are a few mistakes, I stippled it I believe the term is, and your goal isn't to cross over any stitching but it happened... 
This adorable Peter Rabbit was so fun to work with! I purchased it from a Canadian store Kidsfabric.ca 
The pattern came from an old Better Homes and Gardens Quilts & More magazine.

Free Motion completed... now for the binding...
 I was playing with stitches for the binding... I did the blanket stitch backwards... I didn't even clue in until I finished and thought that it looked different... lol Oh well,...
The back of the quilt is done in green flannel.
The finished quilt. :)

So I knocked a couple things off my Sewing resolution with this one,... Free motion quilting, and finish an unfinished project! :) Loving being back into the creative spirit and getting projects done! And of course learning new things!

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