Taking the leap into Free Motion Quilting

So I can't use the excuse I do not have a good free motion quilting machine to keep me from finishing my quilts that way. So I decided I would finish one of my old projects, and do some practice. (part of my "Sewing Resolution") Before I did some free motion on an actual project though I did some practice on some small sandwich square from scrap fabric. I layered cotton fabric, Warm and Natural batting and cotton fabric... to mimic a quilt. 
My practice squares. It helps to use a solid fabric that you can see your thread easily... 
So once I practiced I felt more confident and grabbed an unfinished project I had started over 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby. Once I found out we were having a girl, I never finished this quilt. My this year's sewing resolution is to finish all my unfinished projects... and so this worked out great!
Quilt Pre-bound. If you look close there are a few mistakes, I stippled it I believe the term is, and your goal isn't to cross over any stitching but it happened... 
This adorable Peter Rabbit was so fun to work with! I purchased it from a Canadian store Kidsfabric.ca 
The pattern came from an old Better Homes and Gardens Quilts & More magazine.

Free Motion completed... now for the binding...
 I was playing with stitches for the binding... I did the blanket stitch backwards... I didn't even clue in until I finished and thought that it looked different... lol Oh well,...
The back of the quilt is done in green flannel.
The finished quilt. :)

So I knocked a couple things off my Sewing resolution with this one,... Free motion quilting, and finish an unfinished project! :) Loving being back into the creative spirit and getting projects done! And of course learning new things!

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