My 100th Post!

It seems slightly silly but today is my 100th post! I thought of doing something creative and fun but today has been such a busy day with my kids and extra kids I decided maybe I will save it for post 200. 

Today is a special day! No not because of what I was blabbering about above but because today marks the day 10 years ago, my husband and I officially became a couple. Now married for 5 years and 3 beautiful kidlets later, I can honestly say I love him more and more each year that passes! 
These were shots from our engagement shoot, we were so "Frugal" then that we set up a tripod and did our own. Just the two of us! It was such a fun day! 
 Then our wedding... I can not believe how young we look. No wonder people thought we were nuts! Cameron was only 21 and I was 20 when we got married. We had been together for 4 years already at this point!
Us at my sister's wedding 3 years after ours :)
This is us recently... This fall we got our annual family shoot done but since we hadnt gotten couple pictures done... well since our wedding I asked if we could get a few for our 5 year anniversary!

I look forward to MANY more years with this man... And hopefully at least one more baby ;)

Cam got home from working his night shift this morning with roses and the most perfect card. Honestly I had totally forgotten. This is one reason I love this man so much, we celebrate the not so special and the special days. Although a "dating" anniversary usually gets forgotten once you get married, Cam has always made the day special for me. I love him for that! :) He is the best man I could ask for! God has blessed me with so much more than I deserve! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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