New Machine and adding on to my New Years resolution

I got it! I am so thrilled, although this used machine was a well used machine and needed a little maintenance it is a dream! I love my Janome 6500 and until I can afford a sewing/embroidery machine this will be just fine :) I am thankful for my mom's boldness in asking the lady whom she knew owned this. Without her I would still be using hers and not wanting to give it back ;) ha ha

At the beginning of January I announced my New Years resolution... "My new years resolution.. well one if them is to quilt more... why? because I love it and I want to take more time doing things I love,... starting and finishing projects! My goal is 6 quilts in 2013 but we will see!! It is January 1st and I have already started quilt #1 for my sister's baby who is due to arrive anytime :) " I am notorious for starting projects and not always finishing them... I try but sometimes they get the back burner because Mommy and Wife come first ;) So I decided to stick to something this year! 

So I came across this blog and loved her idea! Click Here I loved that she called it her Sewing Resolution, so I am doing the same. 

  • Start and Finish - I want to start and finish 6 quilts of any size in the year 2013. I think this is fair since I have already started 2 and we are half way through January :)
  • Finish the Unfinished - I recently dug out all my tubs of fabric, projects, books and magazines... basically anything that have to do with quilting and sewing from our storage. I wanted to go through, organize and purge... although I didn't purge too much I reorganized 4 Rubbermaid tubs to two and I found HEAPS of just started or unfinished projects... so I want to finish all these unfinished projects in 2013!
  • Use my stash - Although I do not have as much fabric as some people near and dear to me, I do want to use up more of my stash. 
  • Finish before you buy - This is a rule I try to stick to but doesn't always work when I find a line of fabric that is hard to resist BUT I want to finish a project before I buy fabric for another. New or Old projects, doesn't matter. But this is what keeps my fabric stash low. 
  • Swallow and Snip - I think everyone has that special scrapbook paper, card stock, or FABRIC that they have in their stash that they are holding on to for the perfect project... well I intend to finally use up some of my stash that I have not wanted to cut! 
  • Educate myself - I want to learn new techniques this year, try new things... maybe sew with triangles and other shapes, learn new techniques, etc.
  • Free Motion - Now that I HAVE a new sewing machine!! I want to free motion quilt instead of taking the easier "Stitch in the ditch" road on my projects! 
Okay! So,... there it is! Now I am going to keep myself from FAILING, like most new years resolutions. I will keep myself accountable by posting to my blog regularly to check each of these off! 

Do you have a "Sewing Resolution" its not too late to start one for 2013!! 

***UPDATE***(February 26, 2013)

  • Start and Finish - I want to start and finish 6 quilts of any size in the year 2013. I have started and finished 6!!  (QUILTS: X's&O's for my mom's 50th, My nephews Baby Quilt, Hexagon Quilt, My sister in laws Quilt X&O style, Jelly roll race Quilt, Made a baby rag time quilt)
  • Finish the Unfinished I have finished 3 out of the 4 quilts that I had started but didn't finish... after the last quilt I have a couple little sewing projects left
  • Use my stash - Used one of my Stampin Up bundles, used more stash with little projects! 
  • Finish before you buy - Been doing this! I have purchased some fabric BUT I have finished 9 quilts so I don't feel bad for buying more :)
  • Swallow and Snip - Made an exposed zipper bag, made a kleenex box cover
  • Educate myself - I learned free motion quilting, paper piecing and sewing triangles for my hexagon quilt!!
  • Free Motion I have free motioned 7 finished quilts so far!! It has now become a slight addiction! My last quilt I used colored thread instead of my usual white.. It was so fun!

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  1. Nice machine :) I hope you reach your quilting goals. I hope to start my first quilt soon, when I get my moms machine :)

    Hugs, Sheena