Finally all settled in!

We had intended this to be a short term home until we were able to build out of town but we have fallen in love with our home and at this point I personally do not mind having this home as our forever home! I only wish we would have put a basement underneath! Then we would have room for all my crafting stuff and a family room ;) We still have plenty of room! This 20 foot by 76 foot home is 1520 square feet and perfect for the time being!

We finally were able to move into our new home in October! What an experience! We did not expect it to be such a run around and such hard work but we are happy it is all over and we now are living in our own place once again!! What a blessing it was to spend the first night together as a family :) I was thrilled to get everything unpacked and start to get the kids adjusted to their new rooms. I looked back on pictures that I took of the whole process and they stopped once we were able to go into the house. Haha, I took no pictures of the bedrooms or house before we moved in. And honestly it isn't in the best condition to show it off right now after a long weekend/week of birthday party, and babysitting kids.

BUT I do plan to paint, so maybe once that is done I can share! :) I also would love to share what the house looks like after some landscaping and everything is done!

We are thrilled to be in our home town and back into our routines! I look forward to focusing more on crafting and enjoying the things I love to do! :)

Thank you to all my followers who have been patiently waiting for something crafty to come from this blog! It has slacked immensely in the last year! I have some fun projects to share soon so stay tuned!

 I have a fun new tradition I will be sharing with you in the month of December! So please come visit for that!
Thanks again for stopping by!