Trip Journal/Planer

Hello! I made a little video preview of my travel journal in progress... I still have a few more things I plan to add but here it is, we are only a month away from our vacation! I can not wait!!

Thanks for watching

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Family Vacation Surprise Bags

Southern California Family Vacation - Disneyland, Legoland.... 
Surprise Bags for each day...

I have read countless blogs and websites that say a way to save money at Disney is to pack your own souvenirs. Well I thought since we have 2 days of driving there, 2 days of driving back and 6 days to enjoy in Anaheim and surrounding area, I would pack a little goody bag for every day the kids will get every morning. Poor Brielle will get a few things mommy packs in the diaper bag for her, but just the older 3 get the surprise bags.  
 Here are all the bags lined up..
 Day 1 is a travel day, we will be hopefully making a 17 hour travel day a breeze with lots packed and planned for the drive. In this bunch each kid gets a magnet doodle board, flash light with interchangeable tops to shine different designs (to be used through the vacation) fruit snacks, hard candy, stickers, tattoos and more... the kids will also be getting their travel binders on day 1 too

 Day 2 is a travel day as well! We will be traveling from Utah to our hotel in Anaheim, hopefully hitting up the pool once we arrive. Packed in this group is a note book and pen for each, a toy, some tattoos and stickers, sticker activites and a few little toys and snacks
 Day 3 is our first day at Disney!! We will be enjoying some night shows like World of Color, Fireworks etc. This bag is packed with glow sticks and flashing light toys and birthday favor activities from the dollar store, some snacks and treats and Disney airplanes for the boys and an Frozen theme toy for Miss Adalie. Each child also gets a dollar store dollar activity pack with stickers, crayons and coloring book for each day we are at Disney. These activities hopefully will hold the kids over on long lines and while dining...
 Day 4 we are spending at Disneyland and California Adventure too! We also will be enjoying some more night shows therefore there are some more glow sticks. Each kid also gets a Disney Pez machine, Disney activity packs with crayons, stickers and coloring book, snacks and little Disney themed souvenirs too..
 Day 5 we are heading to Legoland, we split the disney vacation with a day at legoland, why half way though? because this is one of the only days you can meet Emmett and Wyldstyle. This pack includes tons of little favor toys, some glow stick games, activity pad, cookies and snacks and each kid will also get a mini figure when we arrive to trade during their minifigure trading with staff at the Legoland park.
 Day 6 we are back at Disney. Each kid gets some snacks, an activity pack again, Disney themed suckers, stickers, tattoos... glow sticks, disney theme toy souvenir ... etc...
Day 7 we are spending our last Disney day at the parks, the kids got a loot again of stickers, activity pack, snacks, candy, bubbles, glow sticks, Disney themed souvenirs etc...
 Day 8 we plan on spending a day at the beach! We will be hitting up the beach and possibly some shopping. I would love to take Miss Adalie to American Girl if we have time. This pack has a few stickers and snacks. We will probably be grabbing some beach toys as they come available at the stores... a little early yet for those.
 Day 9 we are leaving our hotel in Anaheim and heading home. This pack includes snacks, magnetic travel activity, some Thomas mini trains for the boys and more...
 Day 10 we will be arriving at home, probably late in the evening... This pack has Thomas trains for the boys, some snacks and activities for Miss Adalie. They will be overloaded with goodies from the vacation the last two days they won't be getting as much in their bags.
Sorry for the quality of the photos and the background. I was hiding in my room late at night to get these done so the kids wouldn't see them! Looking forward to posting more as we prepare for our vacation! 

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Travel Binders...

As my previous post says... WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY!! AH! I seriously can not wait!!! One thing I can wait for though is the drive... Southern Alberta Canada to Anaheim, California USA it will be a total drive of nearly 45 hours... yes! That is right.... 45 hours of driving with four kids six and under and two adults! So I have been planning activities, travel games... gathering Disney and Lego movies for the trip to get geared up and more.... 
So I made some travel binders as part of my way to keep the kids occupied! 
The cover has their face on a car I just photo-shopped. They are super cute!
The boys' are fairly similar... there's looks like this...
 zipper pencil case for markers and white erase double markers
 I made a map of Canada and the USA and marked out our route as well as the states we will be traveling through

 I photo-shopped their faces on a little body and put it in a protective sleeve so they can use the white erase markers and wipe off
 I found these little road and track maps online. They have the new mini Thomas trains and some mini Disney Cars they can run on the maps.
 Rylan is in Preschool, his teacher uses the amazing program Handwriting Without Tears program and they use big lines, short lines, little curves and big curves to make every letter of the alphabet. I used templates to make tracks for the boys to run the trains down each track to create the letters. A little fun with a little learning
 Nothing line creating faces and lego characters with white erase markers
 Found some amazing templates online and on pinterest!

 Some games, a sticker page and battleship!

the last page is Rylan's name traced out for him to practice his name
 I found some adorable wipe away practice books from the dollar store. I gave the boys each two for their binders

 And don't forget some coloring pages!
My daughter's binder is a bit different... Here is hers
(many pages are the same... I didn't photograph those ones, just what is different than above)
I forgot to add each kid got some wipe clean books from the dollar store and a coloring book/activity book in the front of their binders
 I found these adorable templates I know she would love to fill out
 She loves word search and frozen right now. 
 I also made her a vacation journal using some templates I found online

 And some activity books at the back
I really hope the kids love them! I also packed some blank note books in their goodie bags they will get each day to write in and have fun. I also plan to put a "lost" mitten in the front to use to wipe off the pages! 

Credit for a lot of the templates go to many great resources I found on pinterest!