Sexing Barred Plymouth Rock Chicks

When we chose a chick breed I wanted something I could sex on my own at day one. Barred Plymouth Rocks had great reviews for laying eggs, for meat and the best part is there were characteristics you can use to sex the chicks at day one! 

1. The head spot
not always the best and most reliable way to sex the chick but about 80% of our birds hold true to this method. 

2. The leg & feet color
This is about 95% accurate (I may be coming up with these numbers) I say this because I have a couple birds who have dark legs and light "toes" so we are going with pullet but they could end up being roosters full grown... time will tell.

3. Feathers
Ours are as young as one week old and their feathers are a confirmation of their sex

I did a quick video for you all, if you have Barred Plymouth Rocks I hope this is useful for you!


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  5. Thank you for the pics of Roos vs pullets!! I wish more people posted the difference in the breeds and their development like you did here

  6. We loved your video on sexing Barred Rock chicks, it was most helpful. We are now feeling more confident that we have 2 week old pullets to start our backyard flock.

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  11. Oh this is super helpful! Thank you! We just hatched a bunch of chicks yesterday and now I'm not thinking we have Barred Rocks at all. No blonde spot on the heads. Darn I was hoping. Now I'll know what to look for better!

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