Episode 23 - Update your Cricut Firmware

If you aren't sure how to update your Cricut Firmware to use software or your Gypsy... here is how...


Episode 20 - Changing Colors of Digital Elements and Embellishments

I was excited when I discovered how to do this, I wanted to share with you how to do this. I used Adobe first then show you how in StoryBook Creator 3.0

Episode 19 - Making a Blogger Template with the New Blogger

I had made a step by step tutorial how to customize your blog template with the old blogger. The new one is much easier.

Here is my video tutorial of how to make your own custom template for your blog. These settings worked for me but if you find something else works better for you definitely go with that! Have fun creating your template!!

Here are the links to the blogs I used to create my template

Free Digital Scrapbook Kits
Summertime Designs --- Click Here

Blog to remove background and footer
Blogaholic Designs - Click Here

Wilton Course 1

So I took the Wilton Course 1 in July and haven't gotten around to uploading my photos yet. I had a great time and found my new passion! Idefinitely loved learning new techniques, just didn't love having so many cakes and no birthdays or celebrations for them.

In class one we learned icing and thickness for different projects on the cake. We also learned what we would need for the next class.

In class two we learned how to do Stars and some different boarders. This is my cake, I loved the way it turned out with the subtle colors!

In class two we learned more techniques such as piping figures such as clowns. This was my second cake. I striped the bag so if you look close at the clowns the green outfits have blue stripes.
Class 4 was our final class, we learned the rose and leaves, as well as some boarders and other techniques. This was my final cake! I loved it!

I completed Course 1 and got a Wilton certificate :) I am doing Course 3 and Rolled fondant and Gum Paste in September then later I am going to finish Course 2.
Hope you enjoyed looking at my creations!

My Sister's Bridal Shower Gift

So another project I made for my sister for her bridal shower was a collection of recipes from family and friends that we enjoyed throughout our life. From our great grandma's soups to home made perogies. Every recipe I could think of that were our favorites as kids I wrote out and configured a little book using Story Book Creator by Creative Memories. I LOVE that program!! I had started it before my sister even got engaged to Jeremy but knew they were going to get married so I had to get a head start. I downloaded super cute scrapbook kits from Summertime Designs She has created so many amazing kits and even has most of them for free!! so here is the little project I had made :)
I was so pleased with how it came out!

I ended the book with our family tree, starting with Rachelle at the top down to our great grandparents.

Thanks for checking it out!

Bridal Shower Recipe Box (Summer 2010)

I had the privileged since I was the 'matron of honor' for my sister Rachelle's wedding to plan her bridal shower. We had a little garden/tea party theme. I asked all the guests to bring a recipe on a 3x5 recipe card of their favorite dish or dessert.

Here are more photos of the finished project...

I made this recipe box from a Provo Craft Mini Lunch Tin. I used a scrapbook paper kit I found at Michaels craft store and a Stampin'Up recipe stamp set. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out!!

I stamped the recipe card on some white cardstock and scanned it into my computer. I added in the "{ }" the word 'marriage' and at the top it says 'from the kitchen of' the idea is that everyone write a recipe for a good marriage to Rachelle. These went in the recipe box as well along with the recipes the guests brought.

These are the stamps I used. You can get them online at www.stampinup.com

Blog Background Tutorial {With Old Blogger}

One day while reading some of my favorite 'mommy blogs' I couldn't help but notice the beautiful templates some of the ladies used! When I decided to look around at templates I realized most women pay for them or download them from a designers site like here (she makes beautiful free templates!)

I decided to figure out how to design my own template. I started searching online and came across this awesometutorial that helped me create my own template in adobe. I hope this inspires some of you to customize and try to make your own template. I love learning new things and I am excited to share with you my version of the tutorial I found.

How to create your own custom template in Adobe

Open adobe photoshop. Click File -> New -> Blank File
Change the settings to width 1440, height 720, resolution 72 and change to transparent background.
I wanted to use some digital scrapbooking paper and elements so here is how I did it...
Click File -> Open
(open the different elements you want into adobe)
All your content added should be shown below
To add layers click and drag over top the original template
you will have to adjust the size of your added content. I used '12x12' digital paper images.
I didnt want to stretch the image length wise to distort the paper so this is how I made it work.
Go to the layers located on the bottom right of the page. Right Click on the layer you want and click Duplicate layer...
Press OK
Now click on the content on the template and drag it over to the right side.
now you have filled your template background and it should look like the image below
Now add your background where your posts will be shown. (choose a light background so it is easy to read your posts)
Enlarge content and center it as best as you can.
add whatever content you desire to 'dress up' your template.I added digital elements such as ribbon on the sides of my center piece and flowers.

Now click File -> Save for Web...
Change format to JPEG and quality to Very High.
You now need to upload your template online.
Go to photobucket.com and create an account (its free)
Click the more options button under 'Upload Images and Video'
Now under resize my images to: click 1 megabyte file size and push save.
Now upload your photo.
Your photo will appear in an album like this.
Now Sign into your blogger account. Select Layout tab and click on pick new template. Select the Minima template and click Save Template.Now click Edit HTML under the Layout tab.

(If you make a mistake during the next step just Select Layout tab and click on pick new template. Select the Minima template and click Save Template. This will restart our process.)

Press Ctrl+F on your keyboard, the find window will appear. Type 'body' in the find window.

Press enter the body tag should look like this:

body {
font:x-small Georgia Serif;
font-size/* */:/**/small;
font-size: /**/small;
text-align: center;

Change the code to look like this:

body {
background-image: url('the address for this image');
background-position: center;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-attachment: fixed;
font:x-small Georgia Serif;
font-size/* */:/**/small;
font-size: /**/small;
text-align: center;

You will find the address for the image by going to your photobucket album and moving your mouse over your photo. press Ctrl+C to copy the address.

now paste address where the text the address for this image is written in the code. Click preview to view what your blog will look like. Then Save Template

You blog will look like so..

Your Font may be hard to read, to change the font color and type click the Layout tab. then click Fonts and Colors. Scroll through the list to change font and color and you can preview them below. Click Save Changes when finished.Please let me know how this worked, along with links to your blog! I would love to see your creations

NOTE with the new blogger you can simply create your background and add it by clicking
Design>Template Designer>Templates>Picture Window
Background, Click the image window below "Background Image".
At the top select "upload image"
There ya go :)

Play around with blog settings in the template designer too to create the blog you want!

Household Planner

(photos were taken from my other blog...)

I always love ways to get organized. I started out with looking for budget templates and then stumbled across an amazing website ' The Household Planner ' This website is an amazing resource for making your own household planner and getting your life organized...

I decided that I was going to put together my own household planner. I am not completely finished building the planner but I want to share with you this awesome idea to keep your life organized... from family budgets to meal plans :)

I love tinkering on the computer. I am a HUGE fan of Storybook Creator 3.0 by Creative Memories. I make so much on it, I do books, announcement cards and I made the inserts for my household planner. I like adding my touch to different things I make and that was my little creative touch.

Inside the planner I have a bunch of great things I have a table of contents I printed up on Microsoft Word. I did most of my templates on excel and I am so happy with the way my household planner turned out!

My table of contents has the following:


Household info:

Family information

-Medical info

Phone directory

-Emergency phone numbers

-Family & Friend phone numbers


-Services (hair salon etc)

-Venders (telus, bell, apx, bank)

-Entertainment (leisure centre, theatre)

-Restaurants and Take-out



House info

-Home Alarm System info

-House info

Goals and Project Lists

-Goals and projects for the family

-Personal goals and projects

Gift ideas

-Gift ideas for family and friends

Family budget:

Monthly family budget

-Monthly due dates

-Budget for our family (before month)

-Budget results (after month is finished)


-Plan to pay off debts and save

Monthly/weekly/daily planner

Important Dates

-Monthly Important Dates

Monthly Calendar



-To do’s

& more

Monthly Budget

-budget for the month

Monthly Meal Planner

-meal plans

-grocery list

Grocery List

-Groceries for the week

Weekly Planner

-Main plans for the week

Chore list

-Chores (biweekly)

Day Planner


-Financial tasks

-Household tasks

-Personal tasks

-Top 3 tasks-Phone calls to make/emails to send


-Prayer list

-Today’s plan

-Things to remember about the day

If you are interested in the templates I compressed the file and posted a link below where you can download them. This is really helping me get organized and get back on track with now having 2 kids.

Hope you are inspired to create your own Household Planner and get organized!!