An RV Dream

I have been wanting to do one of those Pinterest RV Reno projects for quite some time. BUT most of the RV's have been way out of budget or way to far from home... So when one came up, even though it slept only 4... not 6... I packed up the kids and drove an hour to look at it. It was owned by the original owners son, a gentleman who had no use for it and wanted the money to get a motor for his boat. You could tell there was sentimental value to this motorhome. And when he saw the kids eyes light up and how excited I was with the prospect of making this motorhome come to life again he lowered his list price of $700 to $300. I told him no, I would pay him $700! He refused so I took out $400 cash and refused to pay any less! The kids were tickled! 

This thing is a rusty old beauty! I have a pinterest board full of ideas for her! We called her The Final Frontier as she is a 1978 Ford Frontier motorhome. My first ever vehicle purchase and she may be ugly, but she will be beautiful! It will take some DIY projects, some demo and a lot of hard work and love! Follow our RV reno journey on here! 

 This wall paper though!!! AHHH! I love it! If only it was turquoise instead of yellow...

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