Meal Planner...

I started meal planning over a year ago, although I must admit I was not always "faithful" to meal planning... With my experience slacking causes more eating out, unhealthy decisions or ordering in... I am trying to make a conscious effort to get back into meal planning in a less uniform, more fun way. After doing a TON of research on how other moms meal plan I found this concept by two moms over at Pocket Full of Posies. This concept was my most favorite.

With this concept if I have chosen 5 recipes a week, that leaves two nights for leftovers (which with two toddlers and two adults in our family leftovers are a common occurrence) That also leaves room for ordering in or going out for dinner too... I did do things a little different, and put my own "flair" on the concept as well.

Here is what I came up with using some fun paper I found in my large collection :)
So I made my planner for the fridge very similar, I cut out one large paper at 6.5"x8" (that is the dark brown house print) and then cut out 4 other designs at 3.5x6.5" I ran then through my printer to add text. (not necessary) and then laminated them using my YourStory machine from ProvoCraft. (Laminater works AMAZING!!) Then I spaced them apart and adheared the bottom and side edges using my ATG gun. (worked great)
Then I had another one of these mini tins from ProvoCraft and decided to make a place for my recipes. I used the same line of paper (I like things to match)
Here are the two together. They turned out just as I had hoped.

So here is how the concept works... Choose 5 recipes per week (for 4 weeks) and place them in the pockets. Then every week or every two weeks go through the recipes and make your grocery list. You will have your meats, produce, etc. You will have some things in stock in your house so you don't have to write all the ingredients but it only takes a few minutes to make out your list and check the cupboards.

Note this planner is only for suppers (you could add lunch and even breakfast if you wanted)... so you will have to add breakfast and lunch groceries to your list but this helps prevents unnecessary purchases while grocery shopping and using produce you are planning on using to prevent waste.
This is the inside of the recipe box. I used my favorite stamp set from StampinUp - From The Kitchen Of. And some card stock. You dont need to write out new recipes for this project, use your recipe box and cards you already have... just make sure your pouches will fit your recipe card size. ALSO a lot of recipe websites allow you to print recipes, you can do that as well!

I hope you enjoy my little project... I have been MIA lately due to some big things happening in my life, but I really needed a day to create again so this is what I made. Hope you enjoy!

You can purchase Pocket Full of Posies kits from them as well as watch their little video on how the concept works. Its great and can be a fun way to get your kids involved in picking meals out too!!

Have a wonderful week!!