My favorite pizza dough recipe

As a kid I remember going to my grandparents often for delicious meals! One of my family's favorite was grandma's deep dish pizza, she made this sweet pizza sauce that tasted amazing! She is the one grandma, although I think all grandmas are like this, when you ask her how she made it she said oh just a little of this and that... never a recipe!

Fast forward to the months leading up to my wedding, I asked grandma to teach me how to make my favorite meals and preserves. A little cooking class to prep me for married life. You would laugh at how I wrote out the recipes... about an inch in the bottom of a medium pot of this, a hand full of that.... I am not joking! But it always tastes great! 

This is one actually has measurements though, although I am sure it would turn out great with a little of this and a handful of that! 
We make this recipe for every birthday party, every large family get together and it is really my go to meal when we can not decide on what to have for dinner! My kids love getting in there and adding their own toppings like pepperoni but their favorite is Peanut Butter and Jam!

Some of the adult favorite toppings are BBQ chicken loaded with peppers and onions! When my husband is scheduled to work away from home for a few weeks I often make a couple batches and make Hawaiian, Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken and Taco pizza pops. We even copycat our old fave from Boston Pizza, Ham and Chicken Stromboli, chicken, ham and mozza with alfredo in a pizza Stromboli pocket! TO DIE FOR!

The options are truly endless! 
I hope you enjoy this dough recipe! It is a huge hit at our house!
Thanks for stopping by!