My Quilts

These are my MOST but not ALL of my quilts 
(some of my quilts I didn't get photos of... and they were gifts as most of my quilts are... silly me)

 They go from Newest and last finished to my VERY First Rag Quilt I made in High School. I hope you enjoy. All of these quilts are posted in my blog with greater detail, some tutorials! Check them out :) 


Christmas Quilt
Fun Easy Fat Quarter Pattern
Disappearing Pinwheel
 Baby Quilt
 Fun with Fats quilt
 2nd Jelly Roll Race quilt with boarders
Fun Raw Edge Flower Quilt for baby #4
A ragtime I had started in 2008 and finished to complete my 2013 Sewing Resolution
A quilt that I put a lot of love into for my sister in law.  
Our Quilt Guild's Mystery Table Runner project. I made 3 :)

 Four Baby Quilts
 My first Jelly Roll Race Quilt
 Not a quilt but my second paper pieced project. Jasmine pillow all paper pieced. was so fun!
A quilt I made for ME :) Hexagon quilt using 60 degree ruler
 My nephew's Baby Quilt! Its a memory quilt with squares family and friends added
 X's & O's Birthday Quilt
This one was so fun to make! My mom's 50th Birthday gift!
Sunday Charmer Bliss - Everett
Sunday Charmer Bliss - Adalie
Sunday Charmer Bliss - Rylan
Reunion Bliss

Turning Twenty Duvet 
I did the Turning Twenty Again pattern for this one!
Peter Rabbit Baby Quilt
I started this one when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2008 and finished it this year 2013
I started this one after I got married 5 years ago and just finished it in 2013! It is a Turning Twenty quilt. I was a beginner at quilting (not rag time) and so it has its faults but it is fun to look back at it now :)
Started this in High School too, back when Walmart sold fabric... now they sell precuts... I free motioned butterflies on it! It was fun! I just finished this one years later in 2013

Ragtime Christmas Quilt
After some baby rag time quilts I made this one for my inlaws, they weren't my inlaws yet at the time but they  are now :) They brag about how warm this is all the time. I am so thrilled they love it so much!

This is the second quilt I ever did! It was for my then Boyfriend, now Husband ;) He LOVES his quilt! He never leaves town without it when he is away working.

My VERY first quilt! I did this when I was in grade 10 or so! This is what it looks like 10 years later! It is made with homespun flannels and is so pretty!

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