Household Planner

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I always love ways to get organized. I started out with looking for budget templates and then stumbled across an amazing website ' The Household Planner ' This website is an amazing resource for making your own household planner and getting your life organized...

I decided that I was going to put together my own household planner. I am not completely finished building the planner but I want to share with you this awesome idea to keep your life organized... from family budgets to meal plans :)

I love tinkering on the computer. I am a HUGE fan of Storybook Creator 3.0 by Creative Memories. I make so much on it, I do books, announcement cards and I made the inserts for my household planner. I like adding my touch to different things I make and that was my little creative touch.

Inside the planner I have a bunch of great things I have a table of contents I printed up on Microsoft Word. I did most of my templates on excel and I am so happy with the way my household planner turned out!

My table of contents has the following:


Household info:

Family information

-Medical info

Phone directory

-Emergency phone numbers

-Family & Friend phone numbers


-Services (hair salon etc)

-Venders (telus, bell, apx, bank)

-Entertainment (leisure centre, theatre)

-Restaurants and Take-out



House info

-Home Alarm System info

-House info

Goals and Project Lists

-Goals and projects for the family

-Personal goals and projects

Gift ideas

-Gift ideas for family and friends

Family budget:

Monthly family budget

-Monthly due dates

-Budget for our family (before month)

-Budget results (after month is finished)


-Plan to pay off debts and save

Monthly/weekly/daily planner

Important Dates

-Monthly Important Dates

Monthly Calendar



-To do’s

& more

Monthly Budget

-budget for the month

Monthly Meal Planner

-meal plans

-grocery list

Grocery List

-Groceries for the week

Weekly Planner

-Main plans for the week

Chore list

-Chores (biweekly)

Day Planner


-Financial tasks

-Household tasks

-Personal tasks

-Top 3 tasks-Phone calls to make/emails to send


-Prayer list

-Today’s plan

-Things to remember about the day

If you are interested in the templates I compressed the file and posted a link below where you can download them. This is really helping me get organized and get back on track with now having 2 kids.

Hope you are inspired to create your own Household Planner and get organized!!



  1. Could you possibly email these templates to me? I am excited to start a new year and get it going right, from the get go!

    -Erika B

  2. sure, I will just have to dig them up :)

  3. Oh my gosh I am so excited I found your site! Just bought our first home and want to do a planner. However, I tied doing the download thing but I couldnt get it to work. Could you email me the planner?

  4. I just tried the link and it works... Once you click the link on my blog, click the blue icon with the arrow and word "download". Then a little box appears and says "Your download link will appear after wait" it will count down... once it is done counting down click "Download file now"

    Try that! if it does not work let me know I just tried it and it worked okay for me...

    Thanks for visiting

  5. I tried downloading the links, but it wouldn't work for me. I'm just wondering if you could please email me the planner. thank you...

  6. First, let me just say you're amazing! May God bless you!

    I am the mom of two beautiful special needs boys, and I desperately need to stay on top of things. What a great idea!

    I seem to be having similar problems with you link, unfortunately. I keep getting a message that the link doesn't work. :( Would you be willing to e-mail me too? Your planner is just what I've been looking for!

    Again, God bless!