Paper Piecing!

I have been spending a lot of time online learning new techniques to quilting, new tricks, new patterns etc. I was looking at patterns one day and it called for paper piecing, well I had no clue what this was so onto YouTube I went and found some tutorials. Then I started searching Pinterest and found a fun free pattern for my first paper pieced project.
So I gathered some scraps that went well together and got started
 Then I printed the pattern (Can be found here
So after I printed the pattern I changed my stitch length to 1.8, this tight stitching helps perforate the paper more which makes it easier to rip off after
 I started by putting two fabrics, good sides together
 Then putting the paper back side to the back side of the fabric
 Then I held it up to the window to allow myself at least 1/4 inch seal between the shapes 1 & 2 
 Then I sewed along the line that boarders shape 1 & 2
 Like so
 Then I folded back the paper along that stitch line
 Like so
and trimmed it to 1/4 inch seam

Open up the paper again
 Set your seam and then press open

And this is what you will get
 Then grab your fabric for the 3rd piece
 Put good sides of fabric together
 Hold up to the light
 allow for at least 1/4 inch seam allowance
 and sew down line number 3
 Trim and repeat...
NOTE: you don't need to trim down your scraps before you sew them, because you constantly trim your seam to 1/4 inch it automatically cuts off the long scrappy ends of your fabric you don't need.

 Once you are all done you will end up with a finished heart. 

I stitched around the edge of my heart and then blanket stitched the heart onto a block. I probably didn't need to stitch around the heart but I wanted to have a guide line to cut. How cute would a quilt done with these be? So fun!!

I hope you enjoyed this little project! I can't wait to do more paper piecing!! 

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