Fresh Look for 2013...and some randomness

I decided my blog needed an update. Although I loved playing around in Adobe illustrator and photoshop over 2 years ago to create my little "Avatar" from scratch and my funky colored blog, it was time for an update. I love the soothing feeling and sophistication of the new colors and layout :) I hope you enjoy it as well. :)

So now for my randomness...
My husband has been off for Christmas break and it is really nice for him to have some R&R... He is such an amazing hard working man that does very little for himself and an unspeakable amount for our family. My hubby has always been a big gamer, and with him having a few weeks off he has gotten back into playing his play station.  Which most wives may find frustrating but I don't mind. We have been putting the kids in bed and I sit at the table and quilt or surf the web (which is mostly pinterest) and he plays his game and we chat. It sounds lame but I really enjoy it. We both are having "me" time but together in a weird way... I have officially started another quilt. (that is 2 quilts since January 1st EEK.. loving every minute of it too) This one is one I really have the urge to give away but my original intention is to finally keep one for myself, something made for me :) I am really excited to share it and a little tutorial on it when it is completed. 

My sister has yet to have my little niece or nephew but I have also been working away on her little one's quilt. It is almost completed, I basically need to do some first time free motion quilting on it and add a few more touches, binding etc... Once baby is born and after her shower I will share that project too. I am really excited to be back in the groove of creating! I love to create and craft and have for as long as I can remember, I am thankful I had such a creative mom who encouraged my love for crafting! 

On a side note... I have been dreaming of a new sewing machine for months now... my dream is to one day own a Bernina 830... but by time that may be possible there will be much better machines out there! I am looking for a quilting machine with embroidery as well... I would love to get creative and design with embroidery as well... well due to other priorities in life my dreams will just be dreams for now ;) and I am okay with that! But my parents have known I have been looking for a new machine as well... with my budget a SMALL fraction of what the Bernina costs we have had discussions of maybe settling for a good but not crazy quilting machine until that dream is closer to a reality. I definitely agree... I think my mom pushes more for this idea because I have been stealing her sewing machine for the past year and a half because for what I have been sewing and creating my machine just doesn't do as good of job. After a phone call last night from my mom my dreams of a lesser but very good quilting machine are much closer to reality than I thought!

I am very excited that I will be able to give my mom's Janome 6600 back without grasping onto it as I hand it over... long story short a very close friend a few years back was in the market for a quilting machine and purchased 2 on Kijiji because they were such amazing deals! She found the Janome 6500 first and then the 6600... She ended up selling the Janome 6500 to a friend and my mom happened to see the lady who purchased it and stopped her in the grocery store the other day. She asked if she is looking to sell that machine (since she has not touched it in the 3 years she has owned it!) and she most definitively is! I am hoping (fingers crossed) I will have a good condition quilting machine in my home soon :)  There are only a couple slight differences between the 6600 and the 6500 so I am excited to be getting a machine I would be fairly familiar with as well! YAY!! I do have a sewing machine that I do most of my sewing on but it is a cheaper Costco model that my parents purchased for me after I graduated high school. My husband and I decided to keep that machine for our daughter since it wouldn't be worth selling. It will also be a good machine to have in case I ever do some teaching on sewing/quilting which I have been thinking about! 

Well how about that for a long drawn out, slightly pointless post! Ha Ha... Thanks for checking in, I will be posting some creations in the very near future so definitely come by again soon!!

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