Quilting... My hobby of choice for 2012

Although it was a busy year I managed to start and finish 4 quilts in 2012. All easy quilts but I am proud I finished them! Okay... I guess I can not say I started all 4 in 2012 because technically I cut all the fabric for 3 in 2011... BUT I did sew and finish all 4 ;) 
So my first one was my darling friend's baby quilt. I was so excited to make this quilt for her little girl. You can view my blog post on this quilt here
The next 3 were using the identical pattern by Sweet Jane I purchased this pattern called Sunday Charmer.
NOTE: photo is from pattern by Sweet Jane... Not my quilt!
 I ended up doing one with charms and the other two with fat quarters and I love all three!
 I used white minky on the back of this one! LOVE the minky fabric,... and honestly I knew my kids wouldn't snuggle under the quilts unless they were soft and fluffy like their baby blankets.This fabric was chosen shortly after I found out I was having another baby boy. I intended for these quilts to be finished after baby boy, Everett arrived November 2011 BUT having our house on the market and being pregnant... Um.. didn't happen! BUT I am proud to say it I finished it before Christmas 2012 which was my new goal after I missed the last one :) I used 6 different fats with this one
 This one is for my little princess, she loves PINK! This photo was taken at night after I finished quilting the whole thing together. It is actually white sashing like the other two but it looks more cream in the photo. I love the way this turned out. I used 6 fats with this!
This one was the only one I used Charms with. It is fun and bright just like my little guy Rylan. Orange minky on the back was a fun funky twist to his quilt. I love this fabric by Riley Blake! So cute! 
I hope you enjoy my little show and tell! My new years resolution.. well one if them is to quilt more... why? because I love it and I want to take more time doing things I love,... starting and finishing projects! My goal is 6 quilts in 2013 but we will see!! It is January 1st and I have already started quilt #1 for my sister's baby who is due to arrive anytime :) 
Stay tuned for more quilting projects this year! I also hope to get some more tutorials on the Cricut E2 since I have not done any video tutorials in over a year :( whoops! Hope you all had a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!!


  1. Beautiful Quilts!! I love them all. My granny used to make Quilts all the time and she has passed all her Quilt books, patterns, and a ton of fabric to me. She knows I love Quilts and that I have been wanting to make my own. I hope to make my first one in 2013, and give it to my granny :) even if its just a small lap quilt. After seeing yours it really has got me wanting to make one..Thanks for sharing. :)

    Hugs, Sheena
    Dew Drops & Glue Dots

  2. What an awesome idea! I think you should definitely do that for her!! I know she would cherish that! Thanks Sheena!