Baby Shower Fun!

My mom and I had the pleasure of hosting my sister's Baby Shower. We did a Yellow and Grey theme. It was fun! 
This was the "Guest Book Table:
I cut these onesies out on my Cricut. They were to give advice to the new Mommy
The "Guest Book" Was the Disney UP house, Everyone's fingerprints were balloons on the print. It was a pinterest idea of course and fun! The Quote was from UP "I just met you, I love you - Dug"

At each table we had 3 pictures of baby Austin in frames and flowers in the center.
 I used my cricut to cut out these fun little labels for our shower favors
 Yellow inspired refreshments

 The goodies!
 There were tons of goodies! They all looked amazing!
 This was the close line behind the guest table for the Advice Onesies
 The church view from the entrance

The advice clothesline completed! It was super cute!!

Thanks to all who came! Everyone blessed Rachelle, Jeremy and Austin with so much! I think they are overwhelmed with the love and blessings! 


  1. Awesome ideas Cassie ... as always ... I did kinda the same thing with my daughters shower in december ... instead of the onsie clothesline we did a wish tree that will be a decor in the baby's room ... idea from a Music Festival she has attended the last couple of years ...

  2. Cute!! I love the idea of the onesies. Also the UP! guest book is a great idea...I love that movie, such a great keepsake :) Love the Yellow and Grey theme.

    Hugs, Sheena

  3. Such a fabulous welcome for this much loved and cute baby. I love all the details from this Yellow and Grey theme. Everything was arranged just perfectly and I am totally in love with these adorable eatables. I too would be hosting such a chic shower for my cousin but will be reserving one of the rental San Francisco venues.