Hexagon Quilt

Okay most annoying thing ever, I thought I had renewed my domain and it did not renew so I had to change it to hobbymommycreations.ca.... so annoyed!! Anyway.... on with my blog post

Here it is!!! 

Okay... Now to explain how this beauty came to be...

I know I have said this before but I am a Pinterest addict! I just love being inspired, and Pinterest is where I go to find most of my inspiration lately!
I came across this quilt over at Holly and Olive
Not only did the beautiful fabrics catch my eye but this awesome pattern!! So I read her blog and followed her plans.. She inspired me to try this unique quilt! It is different than anything I had done before and a great learning experience! I decided right away I would be making this quilt for myself... 

This is also checking off a few things on my 2013 Sewing Resolution which you can view on the side of my blog...

Here is how I made it...

Fabric needed: 
*1 Jelly Roll (40- 2 1/2" strips)
*1/2 Yard for small border
*1 yard for large border
*3 3/8" yard back
*1/2 yard binding

Tools needed:

This Quilt makes a 56 X 74 inch quilt!

I used Cuzco! I love this line! So different than anything I have but absolutely beautiful!(Prepare yourself for a photo overload!)
Okay! So here we go!
I took apart the jelly roll and started matching up fabrics in pairs
 Then started sewing them lengthwise together to make a double strip and chain pieced these through my machine to save time... You will end up with 20 strips now

 Then I took this awesome ruler! I so love this Creative Grids 60° Double Strip Ruler 
You can make 14 triangles from each strip, which is what I did but you only need 12 from each strip (6 of each to make 2 hexagons) You can use the remaining pieces for the odd triangles at the top and bottom to make the quilt straight on both ends. and to piece a strip for the back

Sew 2 groups of 3 triangles together to make two halves of the hexagon
 This is to avoid "Y" Seams...
Lay out quilt the way you would like. At this point I ripped one of each set of extra triangles I had apart, then I took the wider end and sewed it to the top and bottom of each row. I then trimmed these to make the top and bottom of the quilt straight across.
I then cut 6 strips @ 2 1/2" for the inner border and sewed them all together, then I measured and trimmed them to the correct lengths. 

Then I cut 6 strips @ 5 1/2" for the outer border and did the same process. 

 Once the quilt top was done I sandwiched the quilt together. I ALWAYS use 505 spray and baste my layers together because I am not good at pinning the quilt layers together
These are what I did with the remaining triangles :)
Then I started free motion quilting it all together

 I did a tight stipple on the inside
and a random squiggly line on the thin boarder and swirls on the outside border
Then bound it together
And there you have it!
I love the back! It is my first pieced backing, A great way to make the back equally as pretty and use up extra fabric. I barely had anything left for scraps with this quilt! It was great!!!

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial on how I created my hexagon quilt!

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. That is beautiful! I love the colors!

  2. Thanks! Cuzco is a really beautiful line of fabric! I had a lot of fun creating it!

  3. This is so beautiful ... so intricate and love the colors.