More road trip activities...

If you have been following I am preparing for our long road trip from Southern Alberta, Canada to Anaheim California for our first ever family vacation, to Disney parks and Legoland...
I have nearly finalized all I plan for the road trip activities for our trip. I have already created their road trip binders (click link to view details) I have packed a tiny green bin of activities for the boys that includes books, work books, look and find books etc and a tiny green bin of activities for my oldest that will sit in the middle between car seats in each row. 
Both bins pictured here
I added some Discovery Toys games I have and another from Scholastic Book orders

 My daughters activity bin (including her Travel Binder)
There is a great selection of here from search and find books, work books, activity books, reading books, flash cards, wonder stick, Discovery Toy math keys, but my favorite are the Usborne wipe clean books and doode tin cards. great for on the go!
My Boys` activity bin (including their Travel Binders)
I have packed search and find books, reading books, activity books, wonder sticks and their travel binders...

More to come, I am working on the final activities for our trip! Will post soon!

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