Travel Treats

Okay, I admit, I have totally gone overboard with planning and over planning and basically blowing this vacation our of the water for our kids.... they are going to expect every vacation to be like this, but it wont... BUT it is our very first vacation as a family so I am making it special and over planning partially because the 22 hours there and 22 hours home scare me with 4 kids 6 years old and under... but I am excited myself and want it to be a wonderful memory for our kids! This is my first vacation I have ever planned. Our last vacation my amazing Brother in Law did all the planning! He knows his stuff, so literally the Mr and I sat back and enjoyed the ride. It was amazing...

So I have read so many blogs and pinterest posts advising treats along the way to make the trip more exciting for the kids, well I have been collecting for weeks, probably too much but I am done collecting so here are our road trip goodies along the way.. rewards for good behavior, goodies to keep them occupied and little surprises along the way... Yes these are in addition to their daily treat bags (click here to see) I have planned... I have totally gone over board and I blame pinterest and all the moms out there who inspired me to want to do every idea I saw! Ha!
 I used the cricut again and personalized these bins, These are for collecting all their goodies along the way, they wont be given their goodies in these bins but rather than them ending up all over the car they will have these.

 There are some activities and goodies in each,... this is the idea of what is in each...
each bin has the following

  • Magnet doodle pad (dollar store) these are part of their Day 1 Surprise Bags
  • Pipe Cleaners for creating something when board
  • Stretchy Bunnies from the Easter favor isle at Walmart
  • Pipe Cleaners and beads to make bracelets
  • Rice filled balloon, We used to make these as kids, rice in a ziplock double wrap with 2 balloons one going one way and the other completely covering the opening from the inside balloon, makes a fun sensory ball
  • Easter egg chocolate with smarties
  • sunglasses
  • post-ed notes
  • 2 mini lego figures (hopefully used at Legoland for mini figure trading)
  • my little pony toy (boys have mini Thomas toys)

Here is a glance at Mr Rylan`s loot...

More to come! Be sure to check out all my Disney Vacation posts on the left side bar

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