DIY Cookie Sheet Lap Desk - Part 1 Making The Lap Desk

I found this idea on Pinterest and LOVED the idea! As kids we used to have something similar my mom purchased for road trips. With 4 kids I love to do DIY projects that are budget friendly, and this worked out great!
What you need:
  • Cookie Sheet (I got mine at the dollar store $3)
  • Fabric (I used my stash)
  • Snaps (I used KamSnaps I used when sewing diapers)
  • Glue (I used Gorilla Glue but Super Glue may work better)
  • Stuffing (I purchased a $3 pillow at Wal-Mart, it stuffed 3.5 lap boards)
  Cut 2 pieces of fabric larger than your cookie sheet, I purchased small cookie sheets so they would fit my little kids' laps better so I didnt need much, about 2 inches around the perimeter of the sheet.
 Glue snaps on the sheet. I used gorilla glue, BUT there is a design flaw in this, the snaps did not stick all that well... so I had to re-attach them. I am going to try another glue. I initially tried hot glue and wanted to make the fabric permanently glued to the sheet but it was a complete bust. so I opted for snaps that allowed the pillow to be removed.
 Drape fabric over the sheet with the snaps up so you can mark out on your fabric where snaps go
 add the snaps...
 snaps are all on as shown
 I flipped the fabric over and traced the outside of the sheet on the fabric for the piece with snaps on it
 as shown...

I forgot to photograph the next step... take the second piece of fabric and cut it 2 inches around the smaller piece of fabric (with snaps) then pin..
 Pin the middles in on each side
 as shown, then pin along the sides and corners. there will be a gap on each side of the corner pin... this is where I put pleats
 I took the extra fabric and pushed down in the center and pinned
 as shown

 once all pinned one side will be a big bubble and one side flat
 this is a close up of the corners...
 then sew around leaving a 4 inch gap to turn right side out and fluff
 fluff the pillow and stitch around the open side
 snap it on to the sheet
 like so...
 There ya have it!
 perfect little lap pillow
 Here is another one I made. I made a total of 4, 3 for my older kids and one for my sweet nephew. He loves it!


  1. Would velcro work instead of snaps?

  2. E6000 glue would definitely hold that. Thanks for sharing your idea!

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