DIY Window First Aid Kit

I apologize the photos do not allow you to see the plastic, I hope this tutorial makes sense
You need fabric and plastic table cloth cut to the desired size
 It is hard to see but here I have the plastic cut half the width and down a few inches (as the printed fabric will have a flap
 My finger pints to the top of the plastic
 fold the printed fabric right sides together with the plastic in the inside, with the edges along the side and folded edge and the bottom at the bottom edge of the printed fabric
 sew along all edges leaving the top edge (that does not boarder the plastic fabric) open and turn right side out
 you can see in this photo that the plastic is about 4 inches down from the top and the pocket is now backed with printed fabric and has the clear plastic to see the contents in the pouch
 fold in the top edge of the flap and sew along the top
 like so
 add plastic snaps (i use kam snaps)
 Here is a better view with snaps attached
 Once closed you have your pouch!
 Add desired contents and throw in the diaper bag or car!

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