Cricut Classes

Last winter I had done a little Sunday afternoon Cricut Expression class for some ladies who had Cricut Expression machines but had no clue how to use them other than the basics.
Most of the ladies found my little class very helpful and so my friend asked me if I would be interested in doing the class again but doing a more detailed one so I came up with this little 4 session deal that I am going to teach. I am in no way affiliated with Cricut or Provo Craft or Make the Cut and SCAL software but I just love
sharing what I love and helping ladies use the tools and machines they use make the cuts and projects they want to. Enjoy! Stay tuned for online video tutorials, projects and more!!

Session Desription

Session 1: Get to know your Cricut Part 1
(NOTE: Class for Cricut Expression)
In session one we will take the time to explore the basic options a Cricut can offer. We will explore the buttons and features of the Cricut Espression. (similar to the previous class taught last winter)

Session 2: Get to know your Cricut Part 2 & Cricut Advanced
(NOTE: Class for Cricut Expression)
We will be reviewing Session 1 and practicing the techniques we learned a bit more. In this session we will also learn techniques such as layering, and making frames using 12x12 paper.

Session 3: Cricut Tools and Accessories
(Note: Class for all Cricut models)
Explore a whole new way to using your Cricut by using Cricut tools such as the deep cut blade, a Cricut embossing tool, using Cricut pens and an alternative to writing with the Cricut.

Session 4: Cricut Software
(Note: Class for all Cricut models with the use of Cricut Software for your Computer)
In this session we will explore cutting with the Cricut with using your computer program. We will be exploring the Cricut Design Studio, Sure Cuts Alot, and Make the Cut. Use images and fonts from your computer to create cuts! Using the computer opens up the doors to a whole new way of cutting with your Cricut Machine
Note: Software not provided, for more details on purchasing Make the Cut or Sure Cuts Alot Please Contact Me! Cricut Design Studio can be purchased at Micheals or Walmart. Laptop with software and Cricut with printer cable to connect your computer with the Cricut needed for this Class.

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