The beginning of a Magical Adventure...

December 2013 my husband and I took a vacation. Our first ever vacation. It was an amazing one day at Disney World and Royal Caribbean Cruise. We had a blast. but... I felt like the worst parent ever visiting one of the most magical places on earth without our kids!! It was magical! Let me tell ya! Disney World has a fantastic way of making you feel like a child when you are there! I literally teared up when I watched the princess shows, parades and amazing light show on the castle and fireworks! 
So basically I have been planning my next trip, with our WHOLE family since! But to Disneyland since our kids are 8 months, 3, 4 and 6 years old I thought budget wise and their age Disneyland made far more sense! Plus, Cam (hubby) hasn't ever been and I haven't been since my first ever Disney Vacation when I was 10 or 11...
My family jokes I over plan but hey... I am on a budget, and I am a researcher. I like to look at things from all angles and it does not make me any less excited! We hoped to go fall 2014 but paying off debt was far more important. We are not yet at the debt free point in our lives but we have done amazing the last two years working towards our goal that we both thought we deserve to reward ourselves with a vacation paid in cash only!

So, after MONTHS of researching and planning we finally made our decision to go!! And I am seriously bursting at the seams! Our kids don't know... well they know we have been planning a trip for the future because they have been saving up and so have we! My sister made these adorable Disney jars for them to save up. Their jars saved enough to pay for their tickets! They would also earn Disney Bucks by helping mommy out and making good choices! 

We haven't told them but we have tickets and hotels booked and paid for!

We searched, many other travel sites but found the best deal on through We ended up getting a Good Neighbor Hotel, Pay 3 days park hopper at Disney and get the 4th day free for a really good price! I wanted to make sure our hotel had free wifi since we live in Canada, we wont be using data on our phones, as well as free parking and some sort of breakfast. We also plan to take the ART since it is cheaper than parking at Disney. 

We will be going in April between Easter Break and their busy season in May. Its going to be great! We have planned 1 day at Legoland, 4 days at Disneyland/California Adventure and a beach/shopping day!  

I am going to blog tips and my plans as the weeks get closer! I think I have read every pinterest/blog post related to Disneyland trips and I can't wait. 

We are on a budget so we are doing things as cheap as we can... Therefore we are driving all the way from Southern Alberta through 6 states to Disney! I will also be sharing many Traveling tips. 

Stay tuned for more!!

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  1. Awesome!! Hope you all have a fantastic time. My children are much older (12 and nearly 17) and we have been talking about a trip to Italy in a couple of years.