Our Disney Vacation - Surprise Disney / Legoland Vacation Treasure Hunt Pt 1

(written before we left April 2015 but not posted until after the reveal!)  
We have finally decided how we were going to surprise our kids. A Road Trip Treasure Hunt... But first a little back tracking... 
The Movie...
Our first initial plan was to make a Lego movie using the kids` Lego and an app they have on the iPad to make a video. Cam and I quite enjoy playing with Lego. In fact Lego was the first toy we purchased for our house, even prior to getting married or having kids. We both had Lego as kids and enjoy building and creating. 
So we started off making our very first Lego-mation movie... Well... let me tell you its harder than it looks... we spent hours creating for a short choppy 45 second video.. It was fun though! Nothing to be proud of but we had some good quality time together creating it after the kids went to bed. We were clever in recording the kids say the dialog on my voice recorder on my phone and then edited it into the movie along with our dialog. When you see the video you would think the kids knew what was going on, but they had NO clue why mommy was getting them to say certain things. They were perfect!
Here is a preview of the video... The edited better version is to come in part 2
So once we made the movie, then what? Well we were planning on showing them the video somewhere along the way on our trip. It wasn't until looking up ideas and I found some scavenger hunt Disney vacation ideas did I think of a big treasure hunt for along the way of the trip... 
The planning began, I started breaking the trip up into stops (gas stops) and making clues to go hand in hand with them... I created a map
 Printed a view from google maps
 ripped the edges

 prepared some tea
 tea dyed the paper

 After blowing the paper dry, I burned the edges
 Added some drawings along the map and mapped out our trail with 'x' for the stops

 The started with the clues
 They turned out pretty cool
 Here is a clue up close
I am seriously unreal excited to do the reveal! I hope it is a surprise in the end and the kids really have no clue. I hope to video track the whole adventure! Stay tuned for the video and clues along the way... and THE BIG SURPRISE!

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