Our Whole Disney/Lego vacation on video! FINALLY finished!

Finally! I have configured, edited, reminisced, laughed, cried, and finalized our Disneyland.. Disney California Adventure... Legoland.. Beach. ULTIMATE Road Trip Vacation Videos!

  Let me tell you, if you see my kids and ask they about Disneyland they will not STOP talking about it! They had the vacation of a lifetime. And although we definitely plan to go back I am not sure the pure enjoyment of this vacation could ever be topped! 
So if you are interested in our adventures check out our videos! I took MONTHS planning this trip and every blog I read, every website I searched and every list I made was SOOOO worth it!

The Treasure Hunt (ending with Downtown Disney)- Day 1-3
Disneyland - Day 4
Disney's California Adventure & Disneyland - Day 5
Legoland - Day 6
Disney's California Adventure - Day 7
Disneyland & Disney California Adventure - Day 8
Huntington Beach - Day 9
Road Trip Home - Day 10 & 11

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