Staying Organized...

My life has change drastically over the last 5 years. Here is my last 5 years in a nutshell...
- April 7th, 2007 I got engaged to my best friend (My high school sweetheart)
- October 13, 2007 we got married on a beautiful fall day.
- January 14th, 2008 (our 5 year dating anniversary) we found out we were expecting our first baby!
- September 23, 2008 our daughter Adalie Lydia was born on her due date.
- July 2009 we found out number two was on the way.
- May 3, 2010 our son, Rylan Darcy arrived 3 days late.

Going from a dating couple to wife to mom of two happened so fast. I wouldn't change a thing! I LOVE my husband and two beautiful kids! We were blessed to be able to have kids so soon and have healthy pregnancies and babies! But being a mommy of two and a wife to a hard working husband who works out of town most of the year life is sometimes a little overwhelming.

To keep myself sane and life somewhat in order I use a few tools that help me get and stay organized. I thought I would share a few of those resources with you :)

One of my main resources I use is my Household Planner. You can view and download the templates HERE. After looking at a ton of websites and books I came up with my own household planner. I keep my budget, bills, meal planner, daily planner etc in this binder. It has all the information I need to stay organized.
My other favorite resource is one I have just discovered. My husband and I both have iPhones and I also have a rooted Nook that is now an Android tablet. I came across this website If my kids were teenagers this would be an amazing way to keep everyone on track too!
My husband and I are able to add, edit, and create our calendar. Appointments, bills, important dates, etc get added to the calendar. You can color categorize everything, also you can get it to send email reminders to everyone in your family who it applies to. It is awesome! and it is FREE!!!
From Grocery lists to your daily calendar this app is awesome! We love it because no matter where in the country my husband is he still knows and can check dates, appointments and everything. We even have added what comes out of our bank on auto withdrawal. Its great! When the kids get older it will also be great to add school events and such as well!

My other resources for keeping life manageable are from some of my favorite websites and magazines. I use tips and tricks from each of the following - This website is full of de-clutter, cleaning and organizing tricks! - I love this magazine! Full of tips and tricks! I love the issues where they give you uses for every day things or new uses for old things!! You don't have to purchase the magazine, they have great information on their website!! - I LOVE this website! They have so many good magazines too, I love the Do it Yourself magazine, the Storage magazine and the quilting magazines (My MOST favorite is Quilts and More)
My last website I am going to share with you is my favorite place to find last minute recipes, they are simple, SOO good and a bonus, most of them contain ingredients I already have in my cupboards.
I hope you find these helpful! I love reading articles and learning new ways to make life simple!

Enjoy! Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Easter!!


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  1. Every time I try to get myself organized, it usually ends up causing more chaos. That has been a hectic 5 years. In the last 5 years I've moved to 2 different states, 3 homes, 3 jobs, bought a house and acquired my fiance's 10-yr old daughter. :o)