WOW! These nutrition facts SHOCKED me!

So A friend of mine started selling epicure, if you are unfamiliar with epicure it is a Canadian run and owned business (home based business opportunities) they sell spices, dip mixes, and even pots and pans!! I love them! The products (spices and dips) are SOO good for you, all natural and not packed with preservatives etc. I was having a party to support her shortly after she signed up and my mom and I were chatting about what she was going to order. I told her to try the Beef Bouillon and Chicken Bouillon, I find you need to add a little extra but its really good! My mom proceeded to say she usually feels really yucky after making Beef Barley Soup and we started discussing sodium content etc... So I decided to post these on here because the results from our discovery are shocking!!

I am going to compare Knorr Brand with Epicure Brand If you click on either link you can see the results for yourself, ingredients and nutrition facts are stated on both websites!!

I put this table together myself! Hope you enjoy! I am so sorry about the quality, I tried copying the table into the blog and it was far too big.. so click the images (there are 3 different ones) for larger view or scroll down to the link to the PDF file

I have a PDF version of the table I made up you can download here

Notice the Daily value of sodium for each product! Epicure does not go above 4% daily value for any of their Bouillon mixes! The Knorr Beef Bouillon cubes sodium is 54% daily value!! THAT’S NUTS! Notice that these Nutrition facts are all for different amounts ranging from 2.8g – 6g even still the Epicure brand is MUCH lower in sodium content!! Also notice that I made Monosodium Glutamate BOLD in each ingredient category it fell under… (Notice it is not in any EPICURE columns!) Monosodium glutamate also known as MSG is known to cause serious side effects in some people. I am one who can not have MSG without feeling like GARBAGE after! Thus the main reason for me purchasing spices, dip mixes and bouillon from Epicure...Here are some MSG facts

So just food for thought about reading labels and nutrition facts!! There are alternatives to putting garbage in our bodies!!

I know this isn't craft based but it is part of me being a mommy and wife! I hope this information was useful to you!! NOTE I am not affiliated with either of these companies... just want to share what I discovered with other moms and wives out there! All information was found on the Knorr Website and Epicure Website All ingredients and nutrition facts can be found on both websites!

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  1. where can you buy the Epicure products? Are they a lot more expensive?

  2. Amie, it is actually a company out of BC!! You can buy them online at or find a rep near you who sells it. The Bouillon base is 9.95 a jar. A little bit pricey but definitely much better for you!! Their other spices are again a bit more than a grocery store but they are all natural and not packed full of junk.

  3. They have really good dip mixes... they have recipes on the website too :)

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