A little update on my decision... I have decided not to invest in the Imagine for now... I have thought about it a ton! Tossed back and forth pros and cons and figured if I am not 100% positive then I probably should not make the purchase... Honestly I am feeling great about my decision. As great as the Imagine is, I do not NEED it :)

So moving on... I actually invested in another "toy"
About a month ago I came across a blog post that got me excited! putting your Cartridge handbooks on an iPad or I reader... Now that I have the gypsy, if I was able to do this... my load I would have to take to a crop would be greatly reduced!! Then about a couple weeks ago I did Session 3 of my Cricut classes I offer in my city. One of the ladies had purchased a Pandigital 9" e-reader from Costco for $209.99 (Canadian) She said she was able to surf the web and do all those things like an iPad without the extreme cost of an iPad. Now I know it doesn't do all the amazing things an iPad can do but for what you would really "need" you could get away with an e-reader.

So my personality is to do research on something I am interested in.. do a little investigating. I did some research on the Pandigital and then came across some other tablets and e-readers such as the Samsung Galaxy tab (a bit pricey) , Kindle, Kobo, Sony reader, and many more... Then I came across the nookcolor by Barnes & Noble although a little more pricey than the Pandigital the quality was better and there were some selling features that got me excited! One of the main features was the Children's books! My daughter LOVES books... whenever we go out to eat or go visit friends or family we pack a bag of books and some princess dolls. (her two favorite things) I love that with the nook there are interactive children's books with the ability to have them read to her or we can read them together. VERY COOL! So after reading MANY reviews and features, watching a ton of reviews and comparisons I decided this is the one I am going to go with :)

So I have been watching ebay closely (since the nook color can not be shipped to Canada) I was able to find a LIGHTLY, and I mean LIGHTLY used nook color. I was able to purchase the nook for a great price and am excited for it to arrive.

Note, I am not JUST getting this toy for me, it is for my family! My kids will love reading children's books and even watching movies when we travel on the nook! My husband and I will enjoy reading books and magazines too! I am really excited for the future vacations we go on and the ability to pack light when it comes to what to bring for the kids to do! My kids both enjoy books (even my 11 month old)

The first thing (or one of the first things) I will do when I receive the nook is put my Cricut handbooks on it! I am working on a little project for my new toy... I will post when It is done. :) So check back in the next couple days :)

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