To "Imagine" or Not....

I have been tossing back and forth the idea of purchasing the Cricut Imagine. I have said in the past once they lower the price I will probably get it... Now that they have (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS) I am stumped.. I have tossed the pros, the cons, the should, the shouldn't... sigh

I know I would love it, and especially now that it is compatible with the Gypsy. I am fearing I am becoming a Cricut addict.
Here are my Pros
- The ability to print and and cut (I think I would love this for the paper dolls cartridges)
- Cute Imagine Cartridges
- Compatible with all my cartridges
- Compatible with the Gypsy
- Make Crafting/Scrap booking easier
- Ability to learn the new product :)
- The imagine receives updates, like the gypsy

Here are my Cons
- Although the $200 price drop (now $299 + S&H) Still pricey
- Ink cartridges running out and the price to buy them..
- Some of the design capabilities aren't as they were maybe projected to be
- Size of the machine (doesn't REALLY bug me but it is a "con")
- Can not use with computer

I would love your opinions,... Let me know what you think, if you have one do you have buyers remorse... I would love some help!



  1. I feel the same way!! I told myself the same thing!! And now I am still stalling on making the purchase. I am leaning more toward not getting it. I heard they still have not worked out all the "bugs". You cannot store your Imagine carts on the Gypsy (you would still have to "plug" in you carts). And I don't think you can use the welding and a few other Gypsy features with the Imagine. Good luck making your decision!!:)

  2. Hi Cassie,
    I just have to say that I really enjoy your website! I received the Imagine for Christmas and I have to say that I really like it. I just started getting into the whole Circut thing when I got it so this is my first machine. I really like it because of the printing component of it and you don't always have to print. Also, I got the Gypsy shortly after Christmas, and I use them together a lot. I mostly use the Gypsy for lettering. You can use the welding feature (for Country Life :) I have to say that learning the Cricut features on this machine has been worth it. If you have any specific questions you can email me at

  3. I looove my Imagine I was lucky and had good success with mine. I have started a beginner video series my next video should be up by saturday. It saves alot of time and my ink carts are still the orginal ones that came with my machine it will use more if you print 12x12 pages. my youtube channel is aurell623 if you are interested. I hope this helps.

    If you have any questions feel free to email me at