So I haven't been the craftiest lady lately... with our house still on the market I am scared to bring out my craft supplies only to get interrupted... So I have been more "domestic" not in the cleaning area, although I would admit I could take some time and do some of that.... I have been hooked on learning more about FREEZER cooking! I purchased a book about a year ago now called "The Big Cook" An amazing concept by some local ladies! The concept is amazing and works GREAT for busy mommys (and not mommys) out there who get home from running around, work, or just have a long exhausting day and then it all comes down to... what to make for supper... In my house I am guilty of choosing takeout, dining in, eating out, ordering in... whatever you may choose when we have the chance,... This book offers the concept of making 200 meals in one day!! HOW GREAT IS THAT!!??!!
I started doing more meal planning, like in my last post, but also found this concept very appealing... Not only can you make supper quickly since the work is pretty much done but you know ALL the ingredients in the meal, no junky stuff that is not good for you!! BONUS!!!

So my sister and I have decided to try it out finally... after this week got a little too busy we decided to do it later this month. I will definitely share when we do :)

So I am also a HUGE nerd... when I get into something I research it... the ins and outs, the ups and downs you name it. I want to know tips, tricks, more recipes etc... So I started looking up some recipes, and then found that this concept is very similar to another called "Once-A-Month Cooking" there are also groups that get together and do the same type of thing but make 10 of the same meal and then get together one night to hang out and swap meals! HOW FUN!!!

I did a ton of searching around and got even more nerdy! I found some great blogs (which I will post) and purchased a few ebooks on my nook! The best "real" type recipe book I found was "Girlfriends On The Go" These are real family recipes (so are the ones in "The Big Cook") I found so many recipes my picky kids would not even try... too gourmet for my liking... I would say if you are going to get into doing this for just your family or with a group of mommies or ladies this book is a great one too!!
I have had so much fun researching and getting inspired! I had a little "baking day" yesterday and had some fun with this concept in a much smaller scale. I went and purchased a new toy! not a crafting toy but I am still excited about it! I purchased the FoodSaver unit from Costco!
It is honestly amazing! I have been having so much fun... I purchased bulk chicken breasts, drumsticks and ground beef and separated it to our family portion sizes and froze them... THEN I got more ambitious and made pizza dough and froze that... AND also make enchilada beef and taco beef and froze that! Now I have a head start on some of the items we use often at our house!
Pizza dough on the top
family sized portions of meat in the middle
enchiladas (tin containers) Enchilada meat, and taco beef :)

I had so much fun doing it! I even tried a new recipe I found on youtube for tortillas to make smaller lunch size enchiladas for my husband for his lunches. I am really getting excited about having quick easy solutions that are healthy and homemade for my family when I get into that mood that I want to eat out!

So here are some great Freezer Meal Tips and Tricks (and recipes) links for you to browse if you are interested... And if you are interested... I will post the link to the Enchilada recipe and the tortilla recipe I made!!
These are my homemade tortillas!!! Here is the video I got the recipe from!
Enchilada Recipe: This recipe is SUPER easy!! SUPER yummy and has been a huge hit every time I make it!! I made up 4 packages of 3 enchiladas for my hubby's lunches and then made 3 extra recipes (of the meat mixture) and "foodsaver" sealed them for the future!!

Links: (recipes, tricks, books...etc)

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for an update on our "Big Cook" adventure!!


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