Oh Canada!

Well now that the house is sold, and we have been looking for a place in Tilley life has gotten even more crazy! Add 3 little ones 3 and under to the mix of bank appointments, looking at houses, and all that and you have... My wonderful life! And I would NEVER give it up... except for this moving thing... not so fun! 

Well on the upside, we are faithful goers to the Tilley Canada Day celebrations every July 1st to celebrate our country's birthday! Most years we try to pitch in and help where we can, weather it be in the kitchen concession, kids games or this year I even did face painting! It was fun but not as easy as it looks!! Just saying!!

I decided to start a tradition this year and after being inspired by Pinterest of course I made these wonderful t-shirts for my kidlets... with their help of course! 

Cheap and fun!! I used Martha Stewart all purpose paint (Note the sparkly paint does not wash well but the solid color paint is perfect)

We painted their hands, slapped them on the shirts ($4 at walmart!!) and painted two stripes on the sides and we have our very own hand print Canada flag shirts! We had a blast doing this craft, my two older ones giggled the whole time when we painted their hands and my little guy (7 months) was a trooper... a little bit of a mess after but a trooper!

Place cardboard inbetween layers of the shirt!! VERY important as some of the paint bleeds through! 
Measuring out her hand 
 Sorry about the photos, I cant figure out how to rotate them :/ 
NOTE: the glitter paint does not wash good, the color stays the glitter falls off.

 This worked perfect!! If you want to do this type of craft use the Solid colors, satin finish is great!!
This is little Everett's I had to paint it a little better... And Rylan's turned out great too! I would suggest use solid colors again don't use glitter paint.  
I was so excited with the turn out!! Happy Birthday Canada!!
Oh my little Adalie is a goof!!

This paint dries like silk screen and washes great! We have only washed and dried the shirts once but they turned out great! A keepsake for sure!!

Thanks for stopping by!!



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