My First Re-Finish!!

Pinterest does not only consume too much of my time but it inspires me! I have been on the hunt for "French Provincial" furniture since I saw some beautiful pieces refinished on Pinterest.

So the hunt was on... Then out of the blue a very sweet friend stopped by the second hand shop and found the perfect starter piece... $12!!! It was a steel! 

So the sanding began and my goal was to do my first project as cheaply as possible.. So I only wanted to use material I had on hand (I did end up buying the clear coat to protect it and some black spray paint) I used the Green paint from my bathroom and Brown paint from my dining room (with a touch of black to darken the brown from my stairs) 

The bottom half was laminated MDF and a funky plastic like material... 
So I rough sanded everything and then just went for it! 

The top was beautiful!! 

 Even Adalie Helped :)
 All painted up
 To do the top and antiquing I made a watered down combo of brown and black paint. 
 I brushed it on
 yikes! lol

 Then took a rag and wiped it off

 The difference between the two colors
I did this to the whole night stand
 Proud little Adalie has already claimed it... Lol she had her winter boots on... yikes!
 Before I clear coated it and painted the pulls
 After clear coated and black painted pulls
 I absolutely love the way it turned out! I can not wait to use it in our new house!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Note: I am no way a professional so if I did things not as they should be done, sorry... It was a fun experiment and I had fun!!


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