A Possible Addiction?

I have been collecting furniture, it started ever since my first refinish.. I now have 2 finished projects (my end table and the one I am about to show you) as well as a French Provincial dresser with mirror, a bedroom set, a couple old doors, old window, some shutters... lol Basically I have an addiction and my poor husband just keeps collecting these projects for me... 
I posted an ad on a facebook classifieds group "Wanted French Provincial Furniture" I had many people respond "ME TOO" but was thrilled when a lady told me she had two dressers in her garage, if I came and got them I could get them for free. I waited impatiently for my husband to get off work and get home to ask if he would run across the city to pick up these dressers for me :) and what a sweet man he is, he did! One was EXACTLY what I was looking for, great shape, missing a pull (Have a story that goes with that one) and the other was MDF, rough shape and basically "dump material" 
Again, Pinterest inspired me! I saw this post 
How adorable is this? I thought, well if I wanted to experiment I could maybe try with this dresser, and if it did not end up turning out, well... then I could just dump it ;) 
So I started salvaging... planning and after a vision I got to work
 Dresser when it arrived at my house...
 Salvaging the best two dresser pulls
 Alright! Got'em
 Now for some work.. I removed all the drawer guide boards on the sides except the bottom one, and removed the drawer wood beams except for the bottom one as well

 I then chose the best drawer.. the drawers were pretty much all in the same condition so this wasn't hard
 Then I started sanding
 And then painting, my little helper, Adalie, she loves helping mommy while her brothers nap ;)
 I spray painted the dresser pulls white, they look amazing! Then painted everything pink, for my girly girl

 See!! They look so different! Love the way they turned out! I used rustolium mat white. They are perfect!

 My husband then cut me a shelf for the bottom and nailed it in with his brad nailer, I added a closet rod. This was an amazingly cheap project!
 I wish I painted the drawer inside!
 Finished project, The dresses dont hang all the way down but they fit nicely

 LOVED the way it turned out!! 
I did this on a frugal budget...
Dresser: FREE!
Paint: I used red paint from my kitchen and white and mixed them for pink, then used some white spray paint I had on hand.. so basically used what I had!
Materials: Materials such as the rod, and board... surprisingly we had these things lying around, when we purchased the house we lived in the basement had some odds and ends, well the closet rod was one of them, so that was free, and the board for the shelf was salvage from another project my husband was working on. 

Total cost.. $0... only because I lucked out on having all the materials needed! Now... I think it turned out well! And definitely not dump material!

Thanks for stopping by!! 

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