DIY Lego Table

I know I have talked about my addiction to Pinterest before on my blog but I also have a major addiction to DIY projects. If it looks like I could make it, I try... that's pretty much how my sister and I started our jewelry business Silver Emblem. 
 Little background story: My husband was a Lego addict as a kid, he would do anything to earn money to go buy another Lego set. Our first "toy" purchase for our house before we even got married was a large box of Lego. We both were awkwardly excited to have a big red box of Lego under our coffee table to play with. The apple has not fallen far from the tree because all three of our kids LOVE Lego! We have started collecting the new Disney Princess Lego sets for our daughter and boy sets of all kids, mostly vehicles and other little sets for our boys.
 So when I came across a DIY Lego table on Pinterest I was so excited and showed my handy husband. We recently made a trip to IKEA and got the table which is a IKEA LACK table, cost $12.99 CND and then visited the Lego store to reward our kids for being such troopers all day! We got 4 sheets, $7.99 each. We used some Gorilla glue and followed directions on the package and viola!! A priceless Lego table that the kids adore and have used so much! I love the bright colors!  
Hint: We placed Lego in between the sheets to make sure you could build continuously. There is a slight gap to do so. If you bud up all the sheets next to each other you will not be able to continue to build from one to the next. 



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