DIY Cloth Wipes

Super easy to make and cost effective! I love saving money! 
My quilting ruler is 8.5" so that is the width I made mine but you can do any size. 6.5-8.5 recommended for fitting in wipes containers. 

Cut some flannel fabric. I had left over flannel in my stash from about 6 years ago and since we are having another baby girl this worked perfectly. 
 I wanted different fabrics on either side of my wipes so I cut some fun matching fabrics. I am kind of all about looks even though its just for baby's bum I am excited that its cute! 
 Cut into squares
 Then once you have all your square cut match up and serge or sew around edges.

 You can use fray check if you are concerned about threads coming loose, because this is just for baby's bum I am not too concerned as I can always fix them if fraying becomes an issue :)
 the 8.5" squares were a little large for my pampers wipes container but they still fit okay.
 I started by laying one down and then over lapping them half way into the bottom wipe
 then fold the bottom one over onto the top one
 layer the next wipe on top of the folded one
 fold the next one over the top one
 keep doing this until they are all folded
 Put in your wipes in the container and pole the first wipe through the hole
 when you pull it through the next one will be fed through the hole.

Have fun making your own cloth wipes :)

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